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  • MagicBox™ Recognized as Top LMS by

    February 26th, 2020

    SoftwareWorld is proud to accredit MagicBox™ as the top learning management software for the way it helps students, educators and publishers in achieving their goals. It is an all-in-one, robust end-to-end platform that can help with creating engaging content, digital publishing and efficient distribution. It also ensures that the digital rights of the publishers and authors are protected. For students, MagicBox™ ensures that the content is personalized, bite-sized, mobile and interactive. In short, everything the modern student has been looking for. With the help of MagicBox™, education becomes much more fun, efficient, interactive, accessible, and even more affordable.

    The features and functionalities of learning management software can make a huge difference to not just the learning experience but also the ease of publishing digital content. This is where MagicBox™ stands apart from the rest, streamlining the delivery of education and training, as well as tracking, documenting, and assessing learner progress. A powerful LMS, MagicBox™ is the perfect solution for all content creation, publishing and distribution needs.

    About MagicBox™

    MagicBox™ is an end-to-end mobile distribution and digital publishing platform. It enables authors, content providers and publishers to create, manage, sell, and distribute customized content, with the help of custom-branded mobile and web apps.

    Some of the industries where MagicBox™ is making a difference are: 

    Top Features of MagicBox™

    1. One-Click Publishing

    Publishing and distributing interactive digital content is eased with a one-stop platform integrated with state-of-the-art content conversion tools that can transform any content format into high-fidelity, IDPF compliant ePub3 content with a single click. Rich digital media resources offer the facility to enhance content through the integration of interactive elements, videos, glossaries, quizzes and more.

    2. White Label Platform

    MagicBox™ is a white-label platform that offers high flexibility and customizability, so that you can provide a complete brand experience across all your content.

    3. Robust Analytics

    Advanced analytics provide detailed insights into the learning and content consumption patterns. Publishers or educators can make informed decisions based on custom reports to ensure enhanced learning outcomes.

    4. Built-in Semantics

    Built-in semantics ensure enhanced discoverability, smooth browsing, and easy searching of content.

    5. Interactive Elements

    Add interactive elements, such as puzzles, gaming elements, videos and infographics to improve engagement.

    6. Digital Rights Management

    Publishers and educators can gain complete control over their content through robust DRM and license management tools. This helps prevent unauthorized access or duplication of content. Content security is ensured through encryption using AES 256 encryption standards. The timeframe for access to content and number of devices can be controlled with access codes and a variety of license types.

    MagicBox™ is a feature-rich platform that has become one of the most popular and respected LMSes with more than 3.7 million users, more than 100 million pages read using the platform and a combined reading time 17.8 million hours.

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