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Microlearning is a learner-centric approach to delivering education, where content is divided into small, bite-sized chunks that can be quickly consumed via the most popular devices for content consumption today – smartphones and tablets. Micro learning platforms are the future of education and training because they deliver very focused content that caters to the attention span and learning preferences of today’s students.

Microlearning delivers relevant, yet short and focused chunks of content, helping students with better engagement and retention of learning, which means better educational outcomes. So, what does the future hold in store for micro learning platforms and how will they fit into the delivery of education and training? Read here to know more.

Micro-Content is the Future of Mobile Learning

A fairly recent feature on Google’s search results page is the featured snippet. It shows the web pages that give the best bite-sized answer to a user’s question. Interestingly, a February 2019 article by Smart Insights revealed that web pages that appear in these featured snippets receive 31% more traffic than even the first non-snippet [...]

Perfect Partners: Microlearning and Higher Education

In a not so distant past, higher education and student populations traveled along the same path to economic and social success. Students enrolled as teenagers, participating in college life and preparing for the world of work, and institutions flourished, successfully graduating students who went on to begin their careers. Then came the 21st century. And [...]

Perfect Partners: Microlearning and Higher Education

The popularity of microlearning as a new-age educational tool is on the rise, especially given the ever-reducing attention spans of learners. The average attention span of the Millennial generation is 90 seconds and by 2025, Millennials alone will make up that 75 percent of the workforce. Microlearning is a training method that offers conceptual learning [...]

Myths Surrounding Microlearning

Microlearning: The Next Big Thing in Education?

In a world that places a premium on constant learning and instant results, microlearning is an obvious winner. An emerging learning trend, microlearning is a way of delivering content in small, targeted bursts, typically through phones, tablets, and computers in rich media formats. It is a learner-centric training approach that is meant to be easily [...]

Microlearning: The Next Big Thing in Education?

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