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Content authoring tools have eased the process of creating and distributing interactive, engaging and yet professional learning content. In addition, content can easily be integrated into a standardized course structure. Digital content authoring also brings with it challenges in terms of compatibility across different platforms and devices. With the right content authoring software, this challenge can also be overcome.

However, different tools are available for different types of content delivery platforms, file formats, production workflows and even learning styles. So, picking the right content authoring software, especially one that is compatible with your platform becomes very important. Read on to know more about such solutions.

Why should you use a content authoring tool?

What are content authoring tools? Forefront of the eLearning frontier, the authoring tools helps trainers integrate a collection of media to create professional, interactive and engaging training content. An authoring tool is a piece of software that allows you to create and arrange content into a standardized course structure. In simple words, eLearning content authoring [...]

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