MagicBox™ for the Digital-Age District Admin - MagicBox

MagicBox™ for the
Digital-Age District Admin

Ensure smooth operations across schools with a comprehensive platform to manage workflows and user access.

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Integrate Third-Party Apps

Coordinate effortlessly between school SIS and rostering systems to ease your own tasks and improve adoption by teachers.

  • Manage compliance with federal and state regulations, accessibility guidelines, and student privacy requirements such as FERPA, COPPA, and GDPR.
  • Integrate seamlessly with third-party apps, such as Google Classroom, Moodle, Schoology, Clever, ClassLink, and OneRoster.
  • Seamlessly communicate with SIS and LMSes compliant with LTI-interoperability standards across the district.
  • Unify access with Single Sign-On for all learning and rostering apps.

Ensure standardized learning throughout the district with MagicBox™.

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Manage School Profiles

Ease maintaining mammoth school records with large-scale data management tools.

  • Upload bulk teacher and student data
  • Export, import, and merge data from diverse sources
  • Initiate and end school sessions
  • Easily integrate with rostering systems to manage teacher and school allocations

Ensure the smooth functioning of all entities in the education ecosystem with ease.

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Accelerate Content Distribution

Distribute content directly to schools, teachers, and students with easy licensing.

  • Assign licenses based on user roles
  • Empower schools to comply with state and national regulations
  • Ensure content security with powerful digital rights management
  • Provide teachers and students with vast learning resources in multiple content formats
  • Create reading lists, leveraging subscription-based access models
  • Enable external search for missing titles

Manage all digital learning materials from a single platform and enable collaboration with diverse platforms with MagicBox™.

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Simplify User Management

Perform all your student, educator, and school management tasks from a single dashboard with just a few clicks.

  • Manage licensing, activation, and deactivation of teachers
  • Control student addition, deletion, and promotions
  • Activate and deactivate users
  • Automate time-bound access with user-based access codes
  • Enable and disable features and access with multiple subscription models
  • Create multiple co-admins for different regions/tasks and provide controlled access

Collaborate seamlessly across the education hierarchy of the district with MagicBox™.

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Analyze Performance

Easily assess achievement of learning goals at various levels with advanced analytics tools.

  • Stay informed of reading lists of all users across schools, learner levels, and regions
  • Assess student achievements at multiple levels with powerful analysis tools
  • Analyze teacher, school, and district performance against national and global benchmarks
  • Make data-driven decisions for incorporating new content or updating existing ones
  • Generate customizable visual reports for better understanding and interpretation of data
  • Inspect content performance across schools and get preference and adoption statistics

Evaluate student, content, and school performance via customizable visual reports with MagicBox™.

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