DRM Solution for Authorized Content Distribution

Protect content against a wide variety of threats and monetize your content

Power Your Content with Our DRM Services

eBook piracy costs publishers $315 million each year! So, protect your digital assets with the help of our proprietary DRM tools. You don’t need to be a tech geek or know all the copyright laws to gain from the MagicBox™ DRM features.

Our robust and cost-effective digital rights management software allows publishers and authors to:

  • Prevent users from screen grabbing, printing, or copying digital content.
  • Ensuring that access to content is available only for the subscribed period.
  • Restrict the number of devices from which content can be accessed.
  • Provides teachers and students separate access codes to go along with eBooks.

With more than 3.7 million users, MagicBox™ is one of the most trusted platforms to provide robust DRM solutions to education content providers and for eBook publishing & conversion.

Digital rights management solutions platform

Advantage of MagicBox™ Digital Rights Management Solution

no content modification without consent

Content Control

Support different sales models, including B2B bulk selling and short duration access.

control expiry dates for access of publications

Expiry Control

Gain complete control of expiry dates for access to your publications.

restrict usage of your digital content

Share Control

Restrict distribution and duplication of your digital content.

sales enablement enabled

Sales Enablement

Support different sales models, including B2B bulk selling and short duration access.

robust analytics of content usage and consumption

Robust Analytics

Get detailed insights about content consumption patterns and usage trends.

compliance with all industry standards

Easy Compliance

Ensure compliance with all industry standards, such as QTI, LTI, SCORM and TinCan.

Where Our DRM Solutions Can be Used
Our digital rights management solution is particularly useful for:

  • Schools and educational institutions that seek secure distribution and control of their educational materials, assessments, assignments, etc.
  • Publishers and organizations looking to reduce piracy and illegal sharing of their digital content.
  • Government organizations apprehensive of the inappropriate use of their confidential data.
  • Non-profit organizations and associations that wish to share information or limit access content.
  • Companies wanting to protect their customer data and trade secrets, while ensuring compliance.

How We Work and Provide Service



Easy and fast conversion of static content to IDPF compliant ePub3.



Publish the converted ePub3 to render in any standard eReader that is ePub3 compliant.



Embed audio, video and interactive elements to engage customers.


Multiple Formats

Quickly and efficiently convert content into other formats.