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For publishers, the right ebook distribution platform means quicker dissemination of content; visibility on acceptance of published content; better pricing opportunities; post-purchase engagement with the readers; retargeting the reader, etc. On the other hand, for the reader, it means low prices, increased accessibility, ease of usage, and comfort of reading amongst other benefits.

Finding an eBooks publishing and delivery platform is not easy. The first question that comes to your mind is what does it take to publish eBooks? Where should one start and what to look for in an eBooks publishing platform.

MagicBox is an answer to all your ebook publishing queries

Why choose MagicBox?

eBook distribution platform

Compatibility with Content

Allows users to search the eBook using keywords, download the entire book for offline reading, make notes and highlight sections of the book, enhance the reading and learning experience for users.

eBook distribution platform

Browser/OS Compatibility

The learner can access educational content on the device of their preference, since the platform is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows.

eBook distribution platform

Licensing and Subscription

Monetize your ebooks by managing your subscribers on any device/location. Organize, search, and distribute content in while handling customer signups automatically.

eBook distribution platform

Digital Rights Management & Encryption

Prevent the illegal copying and distribution of your eBook. Only authorized users can download and use the content.

eBook distribution platform

Content Support

Improve reader engagement with MagicBox ebook publishing by adding media formats, such as videos, animations, simulations, games, audio etc. to the content.

eBook distribution platform

Flexible Pricing

Buy a full service at a fixed monthly subscription or start with a conservative service offering and then change the pricing plan on the go.

eBook distribution platform

Analytics and Reporting

Track user trends easily with MagicBox eBook publishing platform. Engage with your readers through feedback, suggestions and issue resolution.

eBook distribution platform

LMS Integration

MagicBox ebook publishing platform integrates with your existing LMS. With LTI compatibility, you can use a single framework for your publishing needs.

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