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MagicBox- Easing Adaptive Learning, Online Homework, and Assessments

MagicBox, the digital learning platform, eases the transition to online learning for both educators and learners while ensuring

data privacy through DRM It lets you develop personalized learning paths for students based on individual analytics.

Learning Experience Platform for Content Providers

Harness the power of digital publishing and turn your content into interactive learning

experiences! Use a smart solution to create engaging content, distribute it across platforms and gain meaningful insights

Demo Analytics Dashboard

We’ve made it super easy for publishers and educators to gain insights into

numerous parameters. Access usage, sales, performance and other matrices. Power your decision making and drive improved results

MagicBox - Demo - Content Creation

Add a variety of traditional or multimedia content, all in a mobile first format.

Our inbuilt PDF to ePub converter makes it incredibly fast and easy. Enjoy complete flexibility to bundle content and distribute it.


Access content anytime. Even when you’re offline! Use interactive features

like adding notes, bookmarks and highlights. Also attempt tests. Completely customize the interface. Even access content across devices.

What Publishers Need in an eLearning Platform

LXPs are powerful learning tools, offering frictionless learner experiences.

A robust LXP can offer end-to-end support for publishers to make the most of their content.

eBook Distribution and Publishing Platform

MagicBox is a secure eBook publishing & distribution platform that allows us to create & publish interactive eBooks

The eBooks are DRM protected, encrypted for online & offline access. You may contact us for a FREE demo!

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