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MagicBox - Digital Learning Platform

Introducing MagicBox – Your Digital Learning Solution! Go online in weeks, not months with our ready-made platform.

Distribute content securely and monetize your digital materials effortlessly. Experience immersive learning, conduct tests, and fix learning gaps. Discover why publishers love us. Contact us for a product demo today!

MagicBox Student Portal 2.0: An Exclusive Tour

Experience the all-new MagicBox Student Portal 2.0 and unlock the true potential of learning.

Redesigned eReader - Your Ultimate Reading Companion

Experience the future of digital reading with MagicBox’s new eReader. Packed with advanced features, this state-of-the-art eReader is your ultimate reading companion.

Next-Gen Course Player

Unlock the power of online learning with MagicBox’s updated Course Player.

Advanced Assessment Player

Discover the power of digital assessments with MagicBox’s advanced Assessment Player.

Ready to maximize your reach and give your digital content the best chance at success?