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09 Jun 2022

MagicBox is the “Best Competency-based Education Solution” by 2022 Edtech Breakthrough Awards

MagicBox is proud to announce that it has won the EdTech Breakthrough Awards for the second year after winning as the best student personalization solution in 2021. The platform has won as the “Best Competency-Based Education (CBE) Solution.” This is a great honor for Magic EdTech, given that our nomination wins from amongst more than 2,250 nominations from the leading technology solutions and products companies in the global education industry.

MagicBox is the “Best Competency-based Education Solution” by 2022 Edtech Breakthrough Awards

22 Feb 2022

MagicBox™ Launches a Multi-Format eReader

We are excited to announce the addition of high fidelity and secure multiformat eReader to our award-winning MagicBox™ platform. We now have a brand new eReader that is compatible with multiple content formats, including PDF, and Microsoft Office.

06 Jan 2022

MagicBox™ is Now OneRoster® 1.1 Certified

MagicBox™ has secured the IMS Global OneRoster 1.1 certification. The platform is also certified by IMS Global for Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) v1.3. With the new OneRoster 1.1 certification, MagicBox now offers new and improved rostering features for educational institutions.

01 Jan 2022

Cosenza & Associates to Distribute and Manage Digital Content with MagicBox

MagicBox has once again proved its ability to ease content creation, distribution, and monetization with its latest solution for Cosenza & Associates. The Dallas, Texas-based company, founded in 2010, provides high-quality instructional resources for K-12 mathematics, professional development, and curriculum support and development. In addition, they aim to provide the right tools to empower math teachers.

Cosenza & Associates had primarily been using Moodle, along with downloadable PDFs, to distribute their content for teachers. However, they looked for a more robust and complete solution that would help them manage and distribute content. They already had about 300 titles and were aiming to add more content, primarily focused on students. In addition, the company was looking for a platform to achieve its objective of improving mathematics education and advanced academics instructional programs for schools, teachers, and students.

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