MagicBoxTM is a Cloud-based mobile learning platform used by K-12 publishers to create & distribute
rich interactive eBooks and track learner’s progress through analytics dashboards.

Create interactive eBooks from existing content with a click of a button. MagicBoxTM supports instant conversion into ePub3 from:
  • Word Docs
  • PDFs
  • PPTs
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Interactive Ebook
Enhance Content
Suit every student’s learning style to ensure better learning outcomes by adding
  • Videos
  • Audios and read-aloud
  • Interactive activities, games and simulations
  • Assessments
  • External Links
Interactive Ebook
Apps for Offline Learning
Facilitate learners with an app for Offline Learning. MagicBoxTM’s custom branded apps allow learners to
  • Download eBooks
  • Read in an offline mode
  • Add annotations in offline mode and sync when online
  • Supports collaborative learning
  • iOS, Android, Chromebook, Windows & Mac devices
Mobile Learning Platforms
Powerful Analytics Dashboards
Channelize editorial investments and efforts in the right direction. Get insights into
  • Most engaging books
  • Licenses consumed by schools
  • Download trends on apps
  • Device usage & many more custom reports
Mobile Learning Platforms
DRM and License Management
Content Security is our prime focus. Prevent content piracy and control who-access-what.
  • Content encryption using AES 256 encryption standard
  • License content to schools, teachers & individual users
  • Access codes to go with text-books
  • Choose from variety of License types — User based, Device based or Domain based
  • Choose when the subscription begins & ends
Mobile Learning Platforms
Evaluate learning outcomes and identify knowledge gaps
  • Improve efficacy of learning objects.
  • Choose from variety of question templates.
  • Create, sell question & assessment banks.
  • Embed assessments in content.
  • Upload existing QTI compliant questions (in xml format) to question bank.
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