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Student centered teaching focuses on addressing the unique learning needs, learning styles, aspirations, interests and even cultural backgrounds of individual students to make education more meaningful, relevant and engaging. Student centered education is much more than the personalization of learning experiences.

Student centered classrooms allow learners to take charge of their learning, complete tasks independently and ask questions. It results in greater engagement and participation in learning activities, along with improved interaction and collaboration between students. Read here to know more about advances in student centered teaching.

Making Academic Assessments Relevant and Impactful with a Digital Learning Platform

The use of assessments for determining admission into educational institutions and successful graduation did not begin in the western world until 1702, following a series of reforms in Oxford and Cambridge Universities. This was done to improve the falling standards of education, and they proved to be a huge success. From then on, the use [...]

Why Interactive Learning is the Only Way to Engage Digital Native School Students

The pace at which technology is advancing today is unprecedented. Take the now ubiquitous mobile phone. Within a decade, it has transformed from being a rarity to a becoming necessity, while gaining enormous computational power. In fact, an average American spends almost 3 hours a day on their smartphone, as of 2019. The number is [...]

Why Interactive Learning is the Only Way to Engage Digital Native School Students

Back to school and few months after that are always overwhelming busy time for educators and finally, the rush for  2017 is over. For a global education technology company like Magic, there is no respite any time during the year. In Australia, school years typically start in January But, In Asia and United States it [...]

MagicBox<sup>TM</sup> Success Story – Improving Student’s Engagement Online

How Magic Box supports Universal Design for Learning

Education systems usually comprise rigid curricula and a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching. Standardized approaches to instruction tend to act as barriers to learning, often resulting in a sub-optimal climate for fostering academic success. Advent of digital learning allows educators to design tailor-made solutions to cater to individual student needs and bring about greater engagement with [...]

How Magic Box supports Universal Design for Learning

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