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An effective LMS should allow for the integration of various tools and features, to ease the use of the platform by both educational institutions and students. For instance, by easily integrating with different types of CMSs or providing multi-lingual support, as well as integrating seamlessly with the institution’s internal software, it eases the entire process of disseminating education and conducting student assessments, while also being able to analyze the efficacy of various types of content.

LMS integrations have been eased with the use of elements such as an API-driven framework. Read on to learn more about LMS integrations and what can help.

Google Classroom + MagicBox<sup>TM</sup> – A Complete Learning Solution

Google Classroom offers numerous benefits to both online facilitators and learners to communicate with each other. However, the question is how can we bring the best learning experience out of it? Google Classroom and MagicBoxTM has been combined to provide a powerful tool for streamlining online collaboration among learners and providing best possible learning experience [...]

Using Google Classroom with MagicBoxTM

MagicBoxTM has been servicing education industry for the last 4 years and provides easy access to educational contents to millions of users on the device of their choice. MagicBoxTM also ensures that there is no need to be constantly connected to the internet for the user to be able to access the content. Google entered [...]

Using Google Classroom with MagicBox<sup>TM</sup>

With a shift to digital and adoption of mobile devices, chromebooks in schools, educational resources have begun to shift to online and digital platforms. Most of the times a single medium/destination is not sufficient. Learners require multiple applications/websites that can provide them with the required sources of information for better learning. However, every application requires [...]

Seamlessly Connecting Educational Resources Through LTI Integration

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