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MagicBox™ is a fully integrated learning platform for higher education institutions that integrates seamlessly with any learning management system. Designed to foster student success, our platform helps cut down time and effort to create and distribute engaging digital content and courses for higher education.

MagicBox™ - For Learning Anytime Anywhere, on Any Device


Tailored to Higher Ed Needs

Why reinvent the wheel? Save time, resources and effort with a powerful white label digital platform. Build an online university through a variety of eLearning courses and eBooks for higher education with the help of our advanced Higher Ed platform.


Truly Mobile-First Learning Experience

Our designers spend numerous hours with instructors crafting a platform that meets the needs of on-the-go learners. We guarantee to offer a complete mobile experience for anywhere, anytime, any device learning experience.


Support for in-depth Learning

We understand the learning needs for higher education institutions. Our platform offers the ease of creating digital assessments, supplemental materials, instructor resources and much more.


LTI Compliant

LTI 1.1 and 1.3 compliance means that courses are accessible via SSO, while enabling the passback of grades from assessments to the LMS system being used by the educational institution.


Keep your Learners On-Track

From meaningful classroom insights to student progression to delivering the right content at the right time, we have it all for you. We leave no stone unturned to ensure students reach their potential.

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Your Top Questions Answered

Instructors have the option to use prebuilt assessments, build their own completely, or clone the prebuilt assessments with the option to edit. Our assessment system allows higher ed instructors to access rubrics on the go as well as add in-line feedback via annotations. We guarantee to provide an efficient, timely, and meaningful grading and feedback ecosystem.

Our learning assistant, an AI-powered chatbot can help students discover exactly what learning materials and assignments/assessments have been assigned to them. Virtual learning assistant can even modify its communication style to each student, based on the individual response and expression.

MagicBox easily blends with your ecosystem offering no barriers to smooth learning experiences for your students.

  • MagicBox™ enables publishers to create/assemble courses
  • Many publishers have a rich portfolio of content that is not just e-text. MagicBox™ allows creation and distribution across a wide variety of content formats. 
  • Review copies and instructor resources can be bundled and added easily to the instructor’s library for access.
  • The robust analytics dashboard offers valuable insights into what content is selling and what isn’t, so that publishers can stay one step ahead of the competition.


Yes, easily via the access code generation tool. Temporary access can be given to any digital content or a collection of content for a duration of time that is specified by you. With this, publishers can gain insight into how the instructors are accessing the content and can engage at a deeper level and increase adoption rates.

Our in-house support center caters to the urgent needs of our clients by providing prompt and responsive support, where every ticket is monitored and evaluated on technical and quality assurance parameters.

Don’t worry about scaling up, our platform is reliable with best-in-class uptime.

Why the Higher Education Sector Loves MagicBox™

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Easy Collaboration

MagicBox™ operates within the learning management system, allowing higher education instructors to work with students or allow students to collaborate with peers, essential for effective learning.

Our robust options for feedback further enhances the collaboration. Our goal is to enhance online learning experiences for higher education to make it a rewarding journey.

personalized learning in higher education learning platform

Individualized Learning Paths

Our higher education learning platform puts students first. We want each student to carve a learning path for themselves and learn on their terms which is truly a personalized learning experience.

higher education platform with student privacy compliances

Student Privacy Compliance

Enhance the reach of your content across borders with a higher education learning platform that is compliant with regulations across multiple regions, such as FERPA, COPPA, GDPR, WCAG 2.0 and more.

seamless integration of third party apps and LMSes by higher education institutions

Data Interoperability for Higher Education

Ease processes and streamline workflow for institutions, teachers and students with seamless integration of third-party apps and LMSes already being used by the institution., using industry standard LTI interface and API.

Ready to maximize your reach and give your digital content the best chance at success?