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Powerful Learning Analytics

Education is not only about disseminating information, it is also about assessing how well that information has been assimilated by learners. This is why learning assessment and analytics is indispensable in K-12 and higher education. Learning analytics can help you understand progress for individual students, entire classrooms, or even at the district level, without the need to invest any additional resources.

With learning analytics in education, educational institutions and publishers can gain key insights into the learning behavior and engagement levels of the students. Educators can identify which students are struggling and need additional help. They can also see which types of content work best and which aren’t bringing the desired results.

Such insights can help fine tune the content and the teaching methods to maximize academic outcomes. Student performance and outcome analytics can also be shared with parents.

								Student performance analytics and tracking

What You Get with MagicBox™

Learner Needs

Get detailed insights into student performance to see who need additional help

Track Engagement Levels

Find out which content is most engaging to improve and maximize content impact.

Student Reports

Share custom student performance and outcome analytics with school administrators, teachers and parents.


Use learning behavior analytics to personalize lesson plans according to individual student needs.

Increase Retention & Satisfaction

Use analytic insights to create learning materials to improve understanding of student and knowledge retention.

Outcome based analytics

Find student’s conceptual knowledge gap to help with remediation and corrective actions

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Where Our Analytics and Insights Can be Beneficial

The learning analytics tools on MagicBox™ can be useful in K-12 and higher education by providing in-depth information on:

  • Which type of content is most popular – be it video, audio, images, or text.

  • How much time each student is spending on which content.

  • It can also be helpful for developing training programs for teachers and staff.

  • What types of custom learning plans can be created to enhance learning outcomes.

  • Which type of devices are being used to access the content.

Where Our Analytics and Insights Can be Beneficial


Get detailed actionable insights into learner behavior.


Create custom learning plans for student success.


Make informed decisions to optimize content performance.


Share analytics with parents, teachers and school admin.

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What Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take our word for it, see what publishers have to say about their experience with MagicBox.

The Covid-19 pandemic meant that all Irish schools moved to a remote teaching model, which caused a surge in demand for digital products that would help schools manage work outside the classroom. We were able to leverage pre-existing functionality within the platform to quickly build and release an MVP last October.

Ciara McNamara
Head of Digital Publishing Platforms

At AADF, we wanted to build the first Digital Book Platform in Albanian academia to increase student’s accessibility to textbooks and reduce book costs for students. We also wanted to increase awareness of copyright issues in the region and help reduce a negative trend, such as book photocopying. But we couldn’t find a platform that could help us realize all our goals until we found MagicBox™.

Sokol Ymeri
Project Manager

Know how MagicBox can help you publish with ease.