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All-in-one Learning Platform

The one-size-fits-all approach to education no longer works. We, at MagicBox, want every student to succeed and learning has to be personalised improve academic outcomes. Create and distribute rich, interactive eBooks, and assessments, offer teacher, student and parent dashboards, use custom analytics for informed content decisions all from a single cloud-based mobile learning platform. Not just that, you can unify content distribution and serve users in the local and international markets.

  • One-click publishing solutions One-click Publishing
  • Online/Offline eReader
  • standards-aligned curriculum Standards-based curriculums
  • Courses authoring & assessments Courses authoring & assessments
  • Platform Consolidation Platform Consolidation
  • white-labeled platform MagicBox White Labelled Plaform & Apps
  • DRM and license management DRM & license management
personalized mobile learning platform
  • win state adoptions with MagicBox Win state adoptions
  • learning product advisory services Product consulting
  • Powerful analytics Powerful analytics
  • standards compliance Standards compliance
  • interactive content supportive Support for interactive content
  • integration with LMSes LMS integrations
  • accessibility support Accessibility support
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Interactive and Immersive Learning

We call it immersive because that's what it does. MagicBox eReader provides an interactive and immersive reading experience to learners regardless of age/grade or ability.

  • Give students the power to interact with multiple resources simultaneously and get a truly immersive reading experience to improve reading comprehension and ensure sustained attention.
  • Choose the mobile distribution platform that engages learners with interactive and differentiated content, with support for videos, interactive activities, games and simulations.
  • Get the flexibility to move content around based on each student’s specific learning needs.
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mobile distribution platform for interactive learning
digital learning for k12 textbooks adoption

New Normal for State Adoptions

We are with you in supporting schools and school districts transition seamlessly to a supportive curriculum.

  • Ease the modification and updating of curriculums, along with standards alignment, without raising costs. .
  • MagicBox offers the ability to create a flexible tag cloud for aligning content and assessments with State Standards, WebDoK, Bloom's taxonomy, etc.
  • It allows tracking of District/School/Class level outcomes and the facility to generate skills-based reports in the hierarchical structure.

Yes, drive state adoptions by addressing school district pain points.

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Platform That Gives Your Content a Competitive Edge

Great content needs an equally amazing mobile learning platform that revolutionizes the creation and distribution of K12 and higher education content. A single mobile publishing and content distribution platform helps you offer personalized solutions for each educational institution.

  • Take your business global with a cloud-hosted, SaaS-based solution
  • Monetize/Distribute content with a white label eCommerce store/web and mobile apps
  • Gain complete control with robust DRM & license management
  • Support flipped, blended, adaptive and other educational approaches
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adaptive learning platform for K12 and higher education
learner performance analytics by MagicBox

Powerful Analytics to Craft a Learning Path

MagicBox platform teachers and school authorities can track student performance and identify students who might need greater support. Know how students are interacting with different pieces of content or performing on core concepts. With this data, educators can craft a learning path suited to the particular needs and preferences of each student. We offer:

  • Learner performance analytics
  • Content usage analytics
  • Licenses consumed by schools
  • Content downloads by device
  • Active user reports
  • Custom reporting
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Platform Consolidation

Replace numerous digital solutions/platforms in use with a single solution. MagicBox is a one-stop mobile learning platform solution for all educational publishing and delivery needs for K-12 and higher education.

  • Cut down on the time, effort and costs associated with managing multiple systems
  • Support educators and students with easy third-party integrations
  • Offer Single Sign On, rostering sync and much more
  • Ensure compliance with regulations like FERPA, COPPA, GDPR, WCAG 2.0
  • Support multiple pedagogies with a single platform
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mobile learning platform for K12 and higher education
mobile learning software with all industry compliances like FERPA, COPPA, GDPR, WCAG 2.0

Revolutionizing the Digital Learning Ecosystem

By ensuring compliance with all industry standards, MagicBox helps educational institutions and publishers provide the best and most accessible learning experiences.

  • Overcome interoperability challenges by seamless integration with all major LMSes, including Blackboard, Canvas, Schoology, Moodle and D2L, using LTI
  • We support most rostering options, like Clever, Google Classrooms, ClassLink, and OneRoster, so users don’t need to login into multiple systems to access their content, view grades, or see their progress.
  • We take care of data integration demands from a district and school, including Student Information Systems (SIS), Learning Management Systems (LMS), gradebooks and more.
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Why MagicBox™ Stands Apart
constant innovation by MagicBox team
Constant Innovation

The Magic team constantly upgrades and improves on the platform with the latest technologies to benefit your business.

MagicBox- a customizable and scalable platform
Customizable & Scalable

The flexible mobile platform for learning will accommodate your changing needs as your business grows.

take the business international with cloud-based education platform MagicBox
Global Reach

Take your business international with a cloud-based platform that functions perfectly anywhere.

take the business international with cloud-based education platform MagicBox
High-End Security

AES 256 encryption algorithm to encrypt and secure contents on the apps with signed URLs to fetch content from AWS S3.

learning product advisory team
Advisory Team

Tailored solutions to help you design and implement effective strategies for all your digital educational products.

equal access to education for all
Digital Equity

Ensure equal access to education for students with disabilities and those from different backgrounds and ethnicities.

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