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In recent years, K-12 education is moving away from classroom assessment that only tests knowledge of the school curriculum. Digital assessments in education can ease the entire process of evaluating skill acquisition and how the acquired knowledge can help students in real-life situations by ensuring a regular and streamlined student assessment process.

Another area where student assessment is useful is to track student progress, providing feedback both to students and their parents, so that any support required can be provided as early as possible. Today’s digital learning platforms are helping narrow the gap between learning and evaluation, enabling continuous learning and progress for students. Discover how assessments in education can be eased and taken to the next level.

The Changing Nature of K-12 Assessments

For a long time, the purpose of assessments was to test knowledge of the school curriculum, administered to determine whether students’ understanding and learning were completely in accordance with the curriculum. Tests and Assessments in K-12 education have traditionally been designed to track student progress, provide feedback to teachers, and advance curricular improvements. Assessments were [...]

Next Generation Science Standards-Based Assessments Are Coming!

About Next Generation Science Standards Science-based education is important in providing the know-how that students need to be well-informed citizens, to be adequately prepared for a career, and more importantly, to gain a deep understanding of  science as a discipline. The Next Generation Science Standards, as a proven research-based approach to redefine science education, are [...]

Next Generation Science Standards-Based Assessments Are Coming!

What is the purpose of simply offering an online course, if there is no way to gauge how much of it has been imbibed and retained by students, right? But authoring effective e-learning assessments is an art, as they are devised to not only test the student’s knowledge or performance, but to also challenge their [...]

Authoring great e-learning assessments

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