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Taking Education into the Future

We began our journey in 1990 with the simple idea of leveraging digital technology to bring learning to life. Over the years, we have reimagined content to utilize different digital technologies and create an immersive learning experience that makes learning engaging, accessible, and affordable for everyone.

Magic Edtech was started or incorporated in response to a realization that although the world was benefiting from rapid advances in technology, the education sector remained untouched. Even three decades ago, we understood that technology could not just ease education delivery; it could improve the entire experience for both educators and learners.

With this commitment to transforming the way the world learns, we launched MagicBox™ in 2014. Our flagship product has proven its worth as a complete learning solution for education publishing, delivery, and learning, based on years of research.

Today, the platform helps more than 7 million teachers and students worldwide, with support from an extremely dedicated and skilled team that continually works to bring the latest technology to the platform. MagicBox has earned several accolades and accreditations, proving its innovation in features and functionalities is a class apart.

Our Core Values


Human First

Fairness and respect help us create an environment of collaboration, integrity, harmony and equality. Diversity is respected cherished and opportunities are based on merit. Our non-negotiables are simple – don’t harm, don’t hurt, don’t violate.


Result Oriented

Be aggressive in setting and achieving goals. Do your best in whatever you do. Be committed to meeting deadlines and client expectations. Constructively confront and solve problems. Take ownership to get the job done, on time and on point.


Curiosity & Learning

We believe questioning the status quo. Seek novelty, seek challenges. This will bring creativity and innovation, enriching our lives and the solutions we offer our clients. When there is a thirst for knowledge, we are always on a growth path.


Cool, Clever & Creative

Cool products build companies that today’s talent wants to be a part of. Clever defines the simplest way to think smart, contemporary and unconventional. Creativeness lies at the heart of everything we do. We aim to wow people, not just satisfy them.



We believe in building trust through honesty and openness. We value free expression – of feelings, opinions and constructive feedback, both in giving and in receiving. We respect the courage to speak one’s mind and accept one’s mistakes.


Know Your Customer

We go the extra mile to understand each client’s needs, so that we can offer best-fit solutions. We take pride in offering innovative solutions that help them gain an edge over the competition and address gaps even before they can articulate them.

More About us

Magic continues to work with and has served over 80 global education publishing and EdTech companies and has a long-standing relationship with leading publishers like Pearson, HMH, and McGraw-Hill Education. .

Our strength lies in our ability to curate the best of EdTech to deliver dynamic, leading-edge digital learning products. Since its inception, Magic continues to be the go-to company for education accessibility and mobility needs. .

Digital integration is on the rise in every segment of education. Magic is a leader in providing technology solutions via a robust digital platform that makes learning accessible, affordable, sustainable, and measurable.

Seeing our solutions ease education delivery and make a difference in the lives of learners is the most rewarding experience. It motivates us to constantly improve in what we do.

Harish Agrawal, Senior Vice President, Magic EdTech


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