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State Adoptions are an important buying milestone for publishers selling into US schools and school districts. We understand that and have created MagicBox to help you achieve your adoption goals.

When it comes to delivery of core and supplemental instructional materials and assessments, MagicBox continues to help K12 publishers comply with state RFP requirements and win these adoptions.

Key Highlights

MagicBox is a learning experience platform that is crafted to help you win K12 state adoptions and keep your users engaged. You can distribute your content seamlessly across devices, OS’ and district LMS and ensure that it is safe and secure.

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Standards-based curriculum- MagicBox

Standards-based curriculums

LTI, QTI, LMS, SIS- MagicBox

lti, qti, lms, sis

WCAG/508 compliance- MagicBox


Learning analytics of students- MagicBox


Why Magic?

  • Meet adoption deadlines
  • English Reading, Math, Science, Humanities delivered successfully
  • Florida, Texas, California Adoptions delivered successfully
  • Content aligned to state standards

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