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Our intelligent products MagicBoxTM and MagicSyncTM help educational publishing companies with multi-channel, multi-format content distribution and shape strategies for excellence in content distribution platforms.

distribute digital content

Distribute digital content like educational eBooks, online courses and videos across a variety of devices and operating systems

white-labled platform

A white-labeled platform and top LMS for education that manages infrastructure and application related issues so educational publishing services can focus on creating content

white-labled ecommerce store

eCommerce Store allows you to sell educational eBooks and other digital content, giving users a complete brand experience

Integrate, sync and streamline class rostering, using the most popular standards, like OneRoster, Clever, ClassLink and Google Classroom

one-click single signon

Benefit from one-click, single sign-on capabilities to securely login teachers/students to any educational product, app or education management solution

The MagicBoxTM Advantage

 MagicBox for K-12, higher-ed, scholarly, CTE, associations and more
  • MagicBoxTM is a SaaS-based, cloud-hosted, end-to-end digital education publishing and next-generation content distribution platform

  • Educational publishers can create digital content through custom branded web & mobile apps with a smooth, interactive user interface

  • MagicBoxTM is highly configurable to ensure the branding guidelines of each educational publishing company are met

  • MagicBoxTM helps educational publishers distribute content via Business to Business, Business to Customer as well as to the Library market models

  • MagicSyncTM enables easier and safer data exchange, effortless integration of third party apps and is accessible on all devices using a standardized protocol

  • Both MagicBoxTM and MagicSyncTM are compliant with industry standards, such as FERPA, COPPA, LTI, OneRoster, Google Classroom, Clever, ClassLink and more

Benefits of Shifting to MagicBoxTM

Give your customers a complete brand experience with a white-label digital educational publishing platform. You can even choose a custom domain name. This is a complete education management solution for educational publishers, relieving them of the burden of designing, and maintaining a distribution platform, while ensuring secure distribution.

MagicBoxTM offers robust DRM tools for secure sale and distribution of multi-format content, across multiple types of devices. It also provides the flexibility to create licenses using one of three different licensing types – user-based, device-based and domain-based. This education management solution also supports Access-Code based distribution.

The use of the TinCan standard enables tracking of content launch and time spent on different types of content. Teachers and managers can then quickly see how much time is being spent by users across different pages. This is a big plus for publishers and content owners who want to enhance their digital content and its usability regularly. Additionally, MagicBoxTM and MagicSyncTM are compliant with every standard of the educational publishing services industry, which are mandatory for most state RFPs.

The integrated eCommerce Store enables educational publishers to sell their digital content using a white-label eStore. This allows publishing companies and educational content owners to reach out to users globally and potentially increase their earnings. MagicBoxTM is already integrated with secure payment gateway systems, such as PayPal, PayUMoney and Sage. Additionally, on a need-to basis, MagicBoxTM can be integrated with any other standard payment gateway. Digital content can, therefore, be sold directly from the eCommerce Store while the content remains hosted on Amazon AWS. The content management and DRM are managed by the MagicBoxTM platform.

MagicBoxTM and MagicSyncTM support industry standards, such as Learning Tools Interoperability, OneRoster, Google Classroom, Clever, ClassLink and many other types of integrations. The platform is a complete LMS for education, offering seamless integration and deployment of third party apps.

With MagicSyncTM, digital apps are easily accessible using a standardized protocol, with instant login and seamless access features. It offers one-click, single sign-on capabilities for users to access all educational products and apps.

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