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Virtual classroom platform- MagicBox

Cutting-Edge Remote Learning Technology

Virtual classroom software on the MagicBox™ platform eases the delivery of remote learning for teachers. With this robust platform, catering to the growing demand for distance education becomes easy with rich resources for quick and smooth creation and deployment of online courses for K-12 education, higher education, and even corporate training.

Course Authoring

Create content within the structure of a course to allow students to focus on specific topics and associated assessments. Include additional resources for a unique distance education experience

Resource Library

Organize educational content into libraries, arrange resources based on course structures and use the libraries to add to the course content to provide comprehensive remote learning experiences.

Assignments, Assessment & Grading

Ease remote learning for teachers with an assessment of students through online assignments and quizzes. Provide instant feedback to motivate students and customize grading and assessments.

Digital Rights Management

Manage subscriptions, time periods for permitted access to content, number of devices per subscription and much more. Choose from licensing options to prevent piracy of your course content.

Record & Share Sessions

Record videos and offer multimedia course content to ensure high engagement and improved learning outcomes. Students can access videos that are part of the course through their enrollment timeframe.

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Virtual Classroom Software on MagicBox™

We bring you the entire gamut of rich features with our remote learning technology to ease the process of creating and running distance education courses. Remote learning has never been this easy for publishers, teachers and students.

Easy Customizability & High Flexibility

With careful strategic third-party partnerships, MagicBox™ offers a wide range of integrations to ease the creation and distribution of remote/distance learning content for K-12 and higher education.

Multi-Lingual Assessment Support

The MagicBox™ interface is available in multiple languages, so that publishers can create assessments in several languages, allowing students access in their native language and improving accessibility.

School Personalization

Provide unique login experiences for individual schools, such that each school has its own unique URL and branded login page for a more personalized experience of the digital learning platform.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting

Maximize the efficiency and engagement of your distance learning courses through customizable analytics and reporting on content consumption patterns, learning behaviors, classroom abandonment and more.

Zendesk and Elevio Support

Educational publishers can directly address end-user queries through easy ticketing and share knowledge resources for better learnability and platform understanding with the help of our In-app support integration like Zendesk and Elevio.

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