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Make Learning Truly Accessible with the MagicBox™ eReader

Seamless access to online and offline content

Make Learning Truly Accessible with the MagicBox™ eReader

Seamless access to online and offline content

MagicBox™ eReader for Anytime, Anywhere Learning

With the MagicBox™ eReader app, users can access educational content both online and offline. Students or teachers no longer need to wait for reliable internet connectivity, with the facility to download materials when they are connected. The downloaded content can then be viewed in the offline mode, at any time.

Publishers and schools can ensure greater accessibility, higher inclusivity and higher engagement with the eReader, which also includes a powerful authoring tool. Users can view all text, audio, video, links, assessments and much more as clickable hotspots on the page with the eReader.

Users also benefit from features such as switching, triggers, semantic inflection and easy search and navigation.

What You Get with MagicBox™eReader

Authoring Tool

Enrich ePub3-format eBooks with additional text elements, audio and video clips, documents and assessments.


Offer users the ability to bookmark pages in online or offline mode for later viewing.


Offer users the ability to highlight chunks of text for later reference, online and offline.


Users can add on-page notes, update and delete earlier notes, online and offline, for better learning.

Customizable Skin

Customize the eReader skin by changing the header, the left panel color and icons, or set up multiple themes.

Additional Resources

Offer additional resources through in-text links to other content in the digital library.

How Our eReader Promotes Digital Equity

The online/offline eReader on MagicBox™ can be useful for K-12 and higher education by providing:

  • Easy integration of multimedia and interactive elements in ePub3 format eBooks.
  • Access to learning even in the absence of internet connectivity, ensuring true inclusivity.
  • Syncing of features, such as highlighting, note taking and bookmarking whenever the eReader is next online.
  • Opportunities for personalized and self-directed learning.
  • Easy access to resources as clickable hotspot on eBook pages.

Why Choose MagicBox™


Offer highly engaging content.


Offer customization options.


Offer anytime, anywhere access to learning.


Enhance academic outcomes.