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We have been delighted to work alongside MagicBox to create our platform, called vsbl, to deploying our suite of eight 21st century skills digital credentials while also tracking outcomes.

With diligent effort and investment from the team at MagicBox, the Lab has expanded and enhanced the online course authoring tools, module deployment, and learning delivery options, while meeting the needs of our partners who represent learners, education providers, community organizations, and employers.

Naomi Boyer, Director of Micro-credentialing Products

At AADF, we wanted to build the first Digital Book Platform in Albanian academia to increase student’s accessibility to textbooks and reduce book costs for students. We also wanted to increase awareness of copyright issues in the region and help reduce a negative trend, such as book photocopying. But we couldn’t find a platform that could help us realize all our goals until we found MagicBox™.

Sokol Ymeri, Project Manager

It's no secret we are enduring an incredibly unique, challenging, and pivotal moment in education today as we are encouraged to stay home to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In an effort to make learning and instruction easier for Texas teachers, schools, and educational programs in 2020, we have teamed up with an acclaimed technology platform to take our educational solutions to the next virtual level.

David Cumberbatch, President, and CEO

With digital integrations becoming increasingly more important in today’s classroom, we are thrilled to partner with MagicBox to launch the new hand2mind eReader platform. This platform will allow our users to seamlessly integrate our content into their Learning Management System of choice.

Elana Woldenberg, Manager of Product Development

Educators work tirelessly to design and implement math lessons that meet students individual needs. Through our job-embedded coaching and consistent partner feedback, it was clear teachers were spending too much time developing and scoring in order to make data-driven instructional decisions. In our opinion, this timely process is not the best use of educators’ time. We at NTN decided that we needed to develop a solution for this. So we held focus groups and partnered with MagicBox to build a program that gives educators the right information needed to help their students excel in mathematics.

Nicole Beck, President

These integrated video assessment features within MagicBox will benefit educational institutions and their students, as well as corporate organizations looking for more interactive learning and assessment experiences. We’re looking forward to collaborating with Magic EdTech to develop an engaging platform that enables remote learning at scale for everyone.

Josh Kamrath, CEO

We are excited to welcome MagicBox as our newest partner. With MagicBox, OpenStax users in K-12 and higher education will now have even more options for interactive textbooks and the flexibility to easily move to learn online and offline as needed.

David Harris, Editor-in-Chief

GradeCam’s mission has always been to empower teachers with the tools that allow them to work smarter instead of harder. Our partnership with MagicBox is an extension of that promise.

Scott Hickson, CEO