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Personalized Learning through the Magic of AI

KEA is an AI-powered study partner that empowers students to learn deeply and in a manner that suits their learning style. It delivers customized summaries and recommendations to keep learners on track. From personalized feedback to answering tough questions and gaining deeper insights into course content, KEA has got it all covered!


24/7 Study Partner

Enhance your learning experience with KEA – your personal study partner. Get instant clarification, feedback, and real-life examples to deepen your understanding. Accessible 24/7, KEA provides personalized attention for improved academic performance.


Your Style, Your Learning

KEA is the ideal personalized learning solution. It offers tailored attention and guidance, providing summaries and recommendations that align with individual learning styles. Whether visual or auditory, KEA adapts to a learner’s preferences, enhancing information retention and making learning engaging and effective.


Intuitive & User-Friendly

KEA is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. Simply log in to your account and start asking questions. KEA will provide answers and feedback instantly, making learning efficient and effective. This feature saves students time and effort and enables them to learn at their own pace.

Experience the magic of personalized learning with our AI-powered learning assistant, KEA. Pilot launching in the coming months.

Effortless course creation with AI

With MagicBox's AI-assisted course creation, publishers and teachers can focus on creating innovative educational content rather than spending countless hours on repetitive tasks.

Our AI-powered tools automate course content creation. Using generative AI, they can create course structures, readings, assessments, assignments, and summaries with minimal human input.

MagicBox’s AI-assisted course creation tools automate the process, saving time and cost for publishers and educators. Create high-quality educational content quickly and efficiently, freeing up resources for other tasks.

MagicBox’s AI-assisted course creation tools offer a user-friendly platform for creating engaging course content. Our AI-driven capabilities enable educators and publishers to produce effective and captivating content with ease.

At MagicBox, we recognize the challenges of delivering exceptional educational content within time and budget constraints. Our AI-assisted course creation tools enable fast and cost-effective creation of high-quality educational content. Stay ahead with MagicBox, ensuring effective and engaging educational materials.


If you’re looking to streamline your course creation process and improve the quality of your educational content, look no further than MagicBox. With our AI-assisted course creation tools, transform the way you approach course development. Pilot launching in the coming months.

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