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Leverage the Power of Video Assessments

Deploy interactive, formative video assessments through a power online platform

Leverage the Power of Video Assessments

Deploy interactive, formative video assessments through a power online platform

Video Assessments

MagicBox™ offers educational publishers and educational institutions the ability to effortlessly deploy video assessments through a powerful assessment engine on this online platform. With this innovative feature, administer individualized as well as group assessments for K-12 and higher education that can be completed by students asynchronously. Using the MagicBox™ platform, teachers can also provide pointed feedback using video comments and time stamped text, based on the online assessments.'

One of the key advantages of the video assessments feature is that it makes assessments personalized. This creates a better connection between the teacher and the students, while increasing engagement level. Plus, teachers can offer personalized feedback to support and motivate each student. This makes it especially beneficial for remote learning. Using video also makes summative and formative assessments more interactive and engaging.

What You Get with MagicBox™

Real-Time Skill Demonstration

Get students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills with individual and group video assessments

More Engaging

Ensure much higher engagement and motivation levels among students.

Accommodate Different Learning Styles

Ensure students with different learning styles and disabilities can benefit from assessments.

Time Saving

With video assessments, the feedback time is considerably reduced, compared to text-based options.

Assessments Reporting

Improve learning outcomes with detailed reports of student performance, their strengths and weaknesses.

Personalized Feedback

With time stamped text and video comments, ensure each student gets personalized feedback.

Where Video Assessments Can be Beneficial

The video assessment feature on our online platform is particularly useful for:

  • STEM learning
  • Overcoming language barriers to ensure inclusivity
  • Adding a personal touch
  • Deploying adaptive assessments
  • Providing instant or detailed feedback
  • Reducing time to grade and provide feedback
  • Time-stamped comments from teachers
  • Offering one-on-one feedback
  • Improving efficacy of learning objects
  • Enhancing accessibility of assessments

What Feedback Options Are Available Within Video Assignments?


Learners can practice and reflect on their recordings prior to submission. Also, they can can review their performance against rubrics.

Auto Analysis

Reporting feature generates metrics around rate of speech, speech clarity, use of filler words, and custom content targets.

Expert Coaching

Receive personalized, time-stamped comments from subject matter experts. Evaluators can provide this feedback via text or video.

Peer Review

Evaluators determine how many peer reviews each person completes, how peer review groups are formed.