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Our philanthropic initiative, Magic Pathshala, provides our employees with the chance to contribute to the cause of digital education for underserved and underprivileged communities.

It serves as our gesture of gratitude towards those who selflessly work to provide education to underserved and underprivileged communities.

Magic Pathshala

‘Pathshala’ means school in Hindi. The Magic Pathshala initiative strives to provide engaging learning materials and a digital school experience to every student.

Magic Pathshala will partner with other not-for-profit organizations and NGOs to help them with their digital initiatives.

As a part of this initiative, we will create learning content and provide them with our platform that can help them distribute this content to schools that serve the underserved.

Our Impact

More than 2 million students and teachers have benefited from Magic Pathshala content, and it continues to generate a love for learning in them.

In addition, we are collaborating with both government and non-governmental agencies to facilitate the delivery of this educational content to students in remote villages and districts throughout the country.



Kapil Dev inspiring Team Magic on the benefits of Paying it Forward.


Magic Pathshala partners with Kapil Dev's Khushii for the upliftment of children


Team Magic Pathshala interacted with 435 students of Govt Primary School, Gejha.


Engaging the students of Govt Primary School, Gejha, in different activities based on their age and grade.


Distributing educative worksheets for a day full of pleasant learning experiences.


Team #MagicPathshala was invited as a speaker at the ‘7th Ideal Village Conference’ on Rural Transformation.


Distributing stationery and gifts to the students of Govt Primary School, Rohillapur.


Our volunteers interacted with the underprivileged children of Govt Primary School, Rohillapur


Team Magic Pathsha distributed gifts according to the students' wish lists.


A volunteer from the team bringing the students of Govt Primary School, Rohillapur, gifts.


An all-smiles picture of our volunteers with the kids at Govt Primary School, Rohillapur.

How Our Partners Power Our Initiatives

Khushii, a humanitarian organization in India established in 2003, strives to empower children and equip them with the tools they need to achieve self-sufficiency, independence, and success in their careers. In support of this mission, Magic Software, together with its CSR arm, Magic Pathshala, will contribute its resources to aid in the advancement of Digital Learning for Everyone and enhance Khushii’s efforts.

Rocket Learning is an educational technology non-profit organization that is driving early childhood education and community engagement in India. They assist around 60,000 teachers in reaching more than one million children every day. Through this collaboration, we will provide support to over 100 Anganwadi teachers by providing them with digital hardware (smartphones) and software (educational content) to educate a total of 20,000 children who will benefit from the digital library.

Just for Humanity is a non-profit organization in New York supporting vulnerable and homeless children globally with quality education. They aid grassroots educational programs that lack international exposure and funding to serve underserved children. The organization collaborates with Magic Pathshala to offer online courses and education technology to enhance their partners’ services and upgrade school facilities. This collaboration improves the quality of education for Just for Humanity’s community of underserved children.

The Wheels Foundation is dedicated to helping school dropouts integrate into mainstream society and enhance their life skills through the use of IT advancements.

We collaborate with them to foster skill development in underserved students. To support our digital training, the Wheels Foundation supplies laptops to Magic Pathshala.

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By assessing and rating organizations based on their ability to effectively and transparently manage donations, Charity Navigator helps donors feel confident that their support is going towards worthy causes.

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