AI-powered Assessments | AI Learning Assistant in Education

AI-powered Assessments, Scoring and Learning Assistant

Harness the power of machine learning to enhance the experience of education delivery and learning

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AI-powered assessments in Education

Two-Fold Feature to Power Education

MagicBox™ is committed to constantly innovating with features that enrich the platform and improve education delivery. This commitment has led us to incorporate the power of Machine Learning on the platform to bring two incredible features of users of the MagicBox™ digital learning platform.

24/7 Support

AI-powered learning assistant

Grading Assistant

AI-powered assessment and evaluation

Easy to use, intuitive and constantly improving as you use the features are key elements of machine learning. This is what makes the new features a boon for both students and teachers by:

  • Easing content discovery
  • Personalizing learning
  • Answering questions and providing individualized information
  • Automating the scoring of long-form answers
  • Constantly refining responses by learning each user’s preferences
  • And much more

AI-Powered Learning Assistant

AI-powered chat bots have revolutionized interactions. These chatbots are available 24/7, which cannot be replicated through human contact. In addition, their responses are not subject to human error. Powerful algorithms form the backbone of AI-powered chat bots, enabling them to provide the most appropriate response, every single time.

MagicBox™ has created just such an AI-powered chat bot, specifically designed to act as personalized learning assistants for students.

Easy Search

Students can use the bot to navigate the platform seamlessly to discover content.

FAQ Answers

Students’ education-related questions are answered 24/7, even when teachers are unavailable.

Assigned Courses

Students can check and access the learning materials & courses assigned to them.

AI-Powered Assessments & Evaluation

The biggest challenge for digital education has been the administration and grading of questions that require long-form answers. MagicBox™ offers a powerful assessment engine, allowing the creation and administration of a wide range of assessment types, including single choice, multiple choice, ordering, association, match the following, fill in the blanks, drag and drop, as well as audio and interactive video assessments. Even long-form answers can be included, but then teachers would need to spend hours and a lot of effort in reading through the answers to score them.

When EdTech tools ease every aspect of education, why not the scoring of assessments as well? So far, subjective, long answers had remained beyond the purview of digital grading. However, with the power of machine learning, the award-winning MagicBox™ platform has made this possible too.

How the MagicBox™ Machine Learning Evaluation Matrix Works

The Machine Learning Evaluation Matrix is powered by robust algorithms that allow it to compare long-form answers to the ideal response, provided by the teacher. The matrix checks for all the information elements, as well as the grammar and punctuation, to award a deserving grade. It saves time, effort and human error in the process of scoring long answers.


Load Questions with Ideal Answers

Teachers simply need to provide the questions and the ideal answer for that question as the basis for the matrix.


Algorithmic Scoring

The machine learning powered tool will then compare each student’s response to the ideal answer to assign scores.


Review & Confirm

Teachers can then review the score assigned by the tool to accept or revise the grading.

Are you ready to enhance education with the power of machine learning?

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