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The future of education lies in digital publishing solutions. Not only does this offer means of significant cost reduction and convenience, it is also a means to personalize education, while ensuring accessibility. It eases the process of creating, modifying and distributing content. Digital publishing platforms also offer added features, such as being able to track and monitor content consumption and allowing for assessments and report creation.

With interactive digital publishing, educational institutions will be able to identify individual learner needs, knowledge gaps and even curriculum gaps. In addition, students will benefit from engaging and personalized content. Learn how the best digital publishing platforms are bringing in a revolution in content distribution and consumption.

Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Face of Digital Publishing

An AI-driven literature exploration tool helped computer scientist Christian Berger’s team launch their project on self-driving vehicle algorithms. Without it, scientists at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, would have had to navigate through more than 10,000 academic papers on the subject, which would have taken a couple of years. Artificial intelligence is not only easing [...]

How to Capitalize on Digital Publishing Trends

Publishers are grappling with the rising need to keep the content nugget-sized, yet independent enough to be updated easily and kept relevant over time. It is such short-form content that evokes enough interest in the reader to seek out the long-form. [...]

How to Capitalize on Digital Publishing Trends

Since times immemorial, reading has been a prime source of knowledge as well as entertainment for humankind. It still is, although the delivery channels are fast evolving. Technology and digitization are changing the face of education across the world. With the wealth of knowledge available online today, the demand for new interactive online content is [...]

Transforming Reading to Learning with a Publishing Platform

Prevent Unauthorized Access to Digital Content with DRM (Digital Rights Management) Solutions

DRM plays a vital role in preventing unauthorized assess to eLearning content designed and curated by Edtech companies. It includes the use of encryption, passwords, trusted systems and firewalls to protect digital content. [...]

Prevent Unauthorized Access to Digital Content with DRM (Digital Rights Management) Solutions

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