Create Flexibility of Learning and Teaching with Online Publishing


Educational institutes that have taken the digital route are seeing a reduction in manual effort, better governance, and sustainable decision-making. By leveraging automated processes and data science, they have enabled multidisciplinary and student-centric learning. Experts believe that delivering tailor-made and relevant educational content can significantly impact learning Read More

What Girl Scouts Cookie Program Can Teach NonProfits About Corporate Training?


Non-profit organizations have become a significant player in the evolving cultural and educational landscape globally. Apart from the enormous social challenges that lie ahead of non-profit organizations, one of the key ones is the non-availability of high-quality and dependable volunteers/resources. Often, the attrition in non-profits is very Read More

Interactive Ebooks – Engaging Readers with Better Learning Experiences


Even as the debate in favor of digital content continues, e-books are becoming an integral part of contemporary education efforts. Given this scenario, publishers are designing various online-platforms to meet the rising demands of digital learning. So, how are eBooks creating a more holistic and engaging reading Read More

Digital Rights Management for Education Content Providers


Education sector, in particular, has seen a significant shift from the traditional models of working to digital practices. Digital content is vulnerable as is it readily available, at any time, from any corner of the world. Technology had made it easier to find, access, influence, remix, and Read More

Why Should Traditional Publishers Switch to Digital Publishing Platforms?


As digital learning spreads its wings in the educational environment, the long-established operations of traditional publishers struggle to stay afloat. One of the major existential threats traditional publishers face is the second-hand textbook market. While only a small percentage of the student cohort buys new textbooks, most Read More

Gamification in Learning Experience Platforms


Gamification is ubiquitous these days. From my food tracking app to the customer support desk that customer support team of MagicBoxTM uses, everything seems to be gamified. You expect to get some points even if you walk to work instead of driving. In this series of articles, Read More

Learning Experience Platform can Enable Stronger Learning. Discover the MagicBoxTM Advantage


You run a successful company, but something feels off. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you wonder if it has something to do with your training strategy or lack thereof. It feels like you are wildly pitching learning resources and training at your staff, Read More

Future of Higher Education – Digital Textbooks and Courses

digital education

Prominence of technology in schools, colleges and universities has reached new dimensions with the adoption of new technologies like artificial intelligence, gamification, mobile learning and more. Universities are also benefiting from technology as they are able to adopt elearning trends such as contextual learning, two-way conversational learning, Read More

Why Employ Digital Rights Management

With the expansion of the internet and with the availability of numerous file sharing tools, distribution of copyrighted digital media files has become quite simple. Web-based readers have increased across the globe, and so has the chances of piracy and misuse of content. Digital Rights Management (DRM) Read More

Business Benefits of Shifting to ePub3

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ePub3 or alternatively electronic publication is increasingly becoming popular in Corporate learning environment. Imagine a situation where you have attended a corporate training course and have been asked to work on the job a little while later. When you try to recall your training material , you Read More