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A Learning Management System or LMS can offer a variety of benefits for K-12 education. Not only does it allow for multi-media content that is much more interactive and engaging than traditional textbooks, it also helps with analytics. With an LMS, education can offer students a dynamic and personalized learning ecosystem, where the student can consume content at their own pace and in their preferred style.

Learning Management Systems in education are also evolving, with advancements in technology. Today, we talk about learning experience, rather than just management. In K-12 education, an LMS can even cater to the needs of differently abled students and those with learning disabilities. Discover more about LMS in education here.

How to Track e-Learning in an LMS

As education technology is gradually evolving, there are a lot of e-Learning courses being offered through learning management systems (LMS). This not only equips students with better access to courses, material etc. but also helps teachers with evaluation of a learner’s performance. Right learning management system can prove to be an invaluable tool to help [...]

How LMSs Must Transform to Enable Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is a form of acquiring knowledge and skills through real-life experiences. This mode of learning holds great importance in an e-Learning K-12 setting because it helps to transform a learner’s attitude towards knowledge retention, creating a fun learning culture in the classroom – online, offline or blended. Experiential learning is an effective method [...]

How LMSs Must Transform to Enable Experiential Learning

An effective LMS rests at the centre of EdTech industry today. It helps educators and publishers deliver the right content to the target audience, build an online community, assess learners, and monitor their progress. A learner could be a student, employee, or a client, depending on the content creator’s objective. A good Learning Management System [...]

Must-have Features for an Ideal Learning Management System

Flipped Classrooms: Transforming Education and Learning

Ever been in a situation where you’re cluelessly sitting in a classroom because you didn’t understand the very basics of what  is being taught? You’re not the only one. We’ve all been there. Traditional classrooms, with a teacher instructing a class of students, has its own disadvantages. The traditional method of teaching  leaves teachers with [...]

Flipped Classrooms: Transforming Education and Learning

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