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With technology radically altering the way we access and consume information, there’s an urgent need for educators and publishers to consider collaborative, interactive and personalized methods of sharing knowledge and imparting education. Here’s where Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning offer massive potential.

Robotics and artificial intelligence can automate grading, create individualized learning experiences, identify curriculum gaps and provide valuable insights. These goals can be achieved only if AI is used effectively, with intelligent integration of content and processes. Discover how artificial intelligence development is changing the education space, how to harness its full potential and other such interesting topics.

Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Face of Digital Publishing

An AI-driven literature exploration tool helped computer scientist Christian Berger’s [...]

Would Robots Run the Classroom in the Future?

Technology is improving at an unimaginable pace. Human’s dependency on technology has led to the advent of AI that helps finish tasks at a speed we cannot imagine. With computers being able to accurately recognize speech and gestures, it is being speculated that interacting with robots will be as natural and easy as interacting with [...]

Would Robots Run the Classroom in the Future?

Recently Artificial Intelligence has regained its former glory that it used to possess until a few decades ago. Every industry is trying to figure out how AI will impact it and its business decisions. As is happening with Blockchain, AR/VR and all other emerging technologies, there is a lot of discussion on how such rapid [...]

Artificial Intelligence Leaps into K-12 Education

Integrating Machine Learning in Education Technology

Whether it’s businesses, IT companies, financial services, or even education, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being integrated into various industries. However, Deep Learning and Machine Learning are terms thrown around as frequently as AI to describe things and processes we don’t completely understand. So, what do these terms mean? The simplest way to define the relationship [...]

Integrating Machine Learning in Education Technology

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