Learning in the flow of work with AI-Powered Learning Experience Platform

LE-AP is all set to revolutionize eLearning by using AI to provide a more personalized learning experience to the workforce. It uses deep learning to predict learner behavior, assesses learning needs and shows relevant content to the user.

What problems does LE-AP solve?

Informal training

Informal training

Learning Solution- LEAP

Learning material not responsive to learner behaviour

Easy to Use LMSs- LEAP

Low adaption and engagement

Low Engagement on Platform- LEAP

Complexity of LMSs

Take a LE-AP to the Intelligent Learning Solution of the Future!

Personalized Content with LE-AP

Personalized Content

Provide personalized learning content to learners based on their skill se, goals, learning pace, and learning requirement

Create faster content with LE-AP

Faster Content Creation

Use existing content, videos to easily create courses.

 Increased Engagement with LE-AP

Kea helps in increasing engagement

Kea is an AI & Machine Learning powered personal learning facilitator that offers a customized learning experience.

Say Hello To Kea!

Kea, an AI-powered learning facilitator

Kea assesses user behavior to align learning resources with employee’s skill set, career aspirations and learning patterns.

Kea, an intelligent chatbot powered through Machine Learning, can:

KEA AI Powered Chatbot

Recommend resources relevant to an employee’s
learning goals

Infer the preferred time for learning from user
activity to schedule notifications

Recommend the latest and most relevant content
based on the user’s request and preference

Understand learning patterns to tailor resource
recommendations – video/ text/images etc.

LE-AP makes e-learning more engaging with the transformational power of AI

Enhances learning experience througha seamless integration with most standard LMSs.

Allows learners to convert documents into ‘trackable’ content to follow progress in the module.

Uses Kea an AI-powered learning facilitator to simplify the learning process andprovide the most relevant

Captures learners’ responses to predict course efficacy,learning patterns and preferred content format.

Uses NLP to auto-generatemeta-tags for documents,images, videos, presentations etc. to improve recommendations and
search results.

User ratings help determine usage as well as capture feedback to help improve content quality & relevance.

Comes with an attractive and easily navigable UI.


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