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Advancements in technology offer myriad benefits for higher education, and schools, colleges and universities are no longer shying away from adopting new technologies to enhance learning outcomes. It is quite clear that the current generation of learners in higher education looks for technology-based solutions. Therefore, to engage this generation, higher education services need to be integrated with a cutting-edge digital learning platform.

When technology provides higher education learning solutions, you can achieve much higher levels of personalization of content, while ensuring interactivity and learner engagement. In addition, content can be quickly and conveniently created, modified and disseminated. Discover what technology has to offer in terms of higher education solutions for the future.

Future of Higher Education – Digital Textbooks and Courses

Prominence of technology in schools, colleges and universities has reached new dimensions with the adoption of new technologies like artificial intelligence, gamification, mobile learning and more. Universities are also benefiting from technology as they are able to adopt elearning trends such as contextual learning, two-way conversational learning, using video as a means of informative content, [...]

Why EdTech Matters to Everyone?

The year 2017 saw a surge of edtech for schools, higher learning and skill-based learning. Metaari, earlier Ambient Insight, reported that global investments in edtech companies reached as much as $8.15 billion in 2017. Growing at a rapid pace, the edtech industry is providing solutions to capture the demands of 21st century education and academia. [...]

Why EdTech Matters to Everyone?

“There is nothing permanent except change.” -Heraclitus Change is always good; it gives you a fresh start & encourages you to focus on horizons that have never been touched. Education industry too has changed over the years. Slowly & steadily, re-inventing itself after each phase. The evolution of the traditional way of teaching got a head [...]

Evolution to Revolution – Future of Learning

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