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Today’s employee values opportunities for growth and development, through regular training programs, even more than monetary incentives. But, traditional corporate training means costs in terms of lost time, productivity, lack of engagement of the learner and huge effort in coordinating sessions between the trainer and the various trainees.

This is where a robust digital platform can come to the rescue. Such software allows businesses to formulate interactive training programs, including programs for employee onboarding. It eases the process of adding, modifying and distributing multi-media content quickly and easily. What companies get in return is measurable savings, but more importantly, employee engagement and skills development. Here’s more on how corporate learning can become future-proof.

What Girl Scouts Cookie Program Can Teach NonProfits About Corporate Training?

At the same time, the requirements of each non-profit are unique which creates a constant need to train new volunteers and upskill existing ones. Training becomes mandatory and non-profit organizations have realized that a simple and engaging learning platform can help them to train volunteers quickly. A good learning platform such as KEA provides 5 [...]

5 Efficient Ways to Train Employees Using E-Learning

Do you want to train and develop your staff, but are resistant to the idea of bringing in a presenter at a high cost and low content retention? E-Learning enables employees to access training quickly and effortlessly, allowing them to move forward in their work in an efficient and timely manner. E-Learning is an excellent [...]

5 Efficient Ways to Train Employees Using E-Learning

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