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  • How Learning Management System Improves Employee Productivity

    June 11th, 2020

    improving employee productivity through gamification
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    Employee productivity ensures the effective utilization of available resources and leads to higher per capita income and lower overhead costs. Unfortunately, 85% of employees reported that they were not actively engaged at work, resulting in lost productivity and $7 trillion. 

    Lack of communication and access to tools that enable employees to do their job efficiently are among the main causes of tremendous productivity losses. Statistics indicate that a top-of-the-line and cutting-edge LMS can root out inefficiencies, centralize workplace operations, and, more importantly, improve productivity by 20 to 25%

    Your business must foster collaboration and communication through social learning platforms like learning management systems (LMS). More than anything else, learning management system features such as ireporting empowers you to spot low-performance patterns and gather actionable feedback to ensure that employee performance issues are addressed. 

    Here are five ways an LMS can enhance learning and development, as well as work performance and general productivity. 

    1. It Centralizes Project Management

    Challenges and project management go hand in hand. As a business owner, you must provide project managers with the avenue to not only deliver their projects on time but also assure that deliverables meet the agreed quality and achieved within the allocated budget. 

    This is especially challenging when you are working in a remote environment. Through the use of an LMS, you can streamline project management by assigning roles, tracking group progress, and sharing confidential documents that your team members need to get the job done. 

    Moreover, you can also configure the system to send automatic notifications at a scheduled time to ensure that your teams stay on track. LMS and eLearning platform for corporates allows project managers to add tasks to the list and classify them by priority, category, and department as well as follow up with your members to make sure that they finish the necessary tasks on schedule. 

    By centralizing project management, you will be able to build a sense of community, which is why having an LMS software is one of the effective ways to be productive working from home coronavirus. Furthermore, LMS eases the rotation of resources to different areas regardless of volatile demand across several business segments.

    2. It Removes Employee Navigation Roadblocks

    Employees dread online training because they perceive it to be monotonous, time-consuming, and not to mention irrelevant to their personal goals and objectives. Nevertheless, an ideal system can help enhance participation by eliminating navigation roadblocks and personalizing the learning and development process. 

    The most common learning management system features and benefits include the ability to help your team members upgrade their skills and capabilities and boost confidence within themselves. This is because an LMS allows you to align the goals of the organization with your employee’s performance by identifying skill gaps and subsequently developing and delivering training to bridge those gaps. 

    It can allow you to distribute tailored e-learning content to relevant staff and use integrated analytics tools to monitor the learners who are absorbing the material and the individuals at risk of falling behind. 

    By streamlining progress in this manner, it also becomes much quicker for your learning and development personnel to demonstrate the workforce’s general improvement. On top of everything else, an LMS also eliminates the need for employees to worry about confusing controls and IT bugs by easily updating your training materials with the latest in learning trends as well as with industry compliance and regulations. 

    3. It Reduces Employee Turnover Rates

    The true value of a learning management system lies beneath its ability to help boost employee satisfaction and reduce turnover rates. An LMS makes it easier for employees who participate in online training to get the resources they need to be more confident in the workplace and enhance work performance. 

    Like it or not, employee productivity and general firm performance can be affected when there is high employee turnover. This is because employee turnover leads to the loss of trained and experienced staff that understand the goals and policies of your business and their roles in achieving these goals. 

    Adopting training programs from learning management systems not only ensure professional development among your team members but also shows that you care about their future. 

    4. It Opens Communication

    Unlike traditional employee training, learning management systems facilitate communication and development through features like screen sharing, video conferencing, forums, and real-time chat, making it possible for employees to get in sync with one another. This allows them to communicate intuitively and easily with teams through analytics features.

    It is worth noting that effective communication assumes a critical role in increasing productivity thanks to its ability to directly influence the behavior of the staff and the way they perform. The right LMS software also helps you understand communication patterns between employees, thus, allowing you to make more strategic decisions on team development, employee development, and delegation. 

    Likewise, it also allows you to gain a better understanding to cultivate talents and skills in a manner that develops your employees in line with organizational goals. Above all, LMS software helps you plug training gaps and strike the proper balance between executive and employee goals. 

    5. It Integrates With Other Tools

    LMS also comes with system integration capabilities, which empowers you to simplify processes for easier management and multiply its power and utility. By integrating LMS programs with other software, you can reduce the time spent on using multiple tools and the costs related to procuring, installing, and maintaining various systems. 

    In most cases, businesses that have multiple siloed applications can experience multiple unintegrated and overlapping databases. Integrating your software applications with an LMS software can save you time and money by making workflows and employees more productive and efficient. 

    It can also enhance the quality of your information and the speed at which you can access it. Integration with other tools allows other departments within your organization to become more connected and better communicate and share data. 

    Shaping Productivity with LMS

    Technologies like LMS are now more than pawns on the business chessboard as it can significantly impact how quickly and accurately your employees perform on their tasks. The best LMS provides the right information to the right members of your team at the right time. 

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