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Assessments in Education

In recent years, K-12 education is moving away from classroom assessment that only tests knowledge of the school curriculum. Digital assessments in education can ease the entire process of evaluating skill acquisition and how the acquired knowledge can help students in real-life situations by ensuring a regular and streamlined student assessment process.

Another area where student assessment is useful is to track student progress, providing feedback both to students and their parents, so that any support required can be provided as early as possible. Today’s digital learning platforms are helping narrow the gap between learning and evaluation, enabling continuous learning and progress for students. Discover how assessments in education can be eased and taken to the next level.

Assessments in Education

Authoring great e-learning assessments

Zayn Lohit| November 24th, 2016

What is the purpose of simply offering an online course, if there is no way to gauge how...