Magic EdTech Launches Revamped MagicBox Student Portal for Seamless User Experience

Magic EdTech Launches Revamped MagicBox Student Portal for Seamless User Experience

17 Aug 2023

NEW YORK, Aug. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Magic EdTech, a prominent New York-based technology company with over three decades of experience in the education sector, announced today that it has launched a new and improved student portal for its AI-powered flagship learning platform, MagicBox. Designed to meet the latest market demands and modern design trends, the MagicBox student portal has been reimagined with enriched functionalities, simplified workflows, and a fresh look and feel that will redefine the overall learning experience for learners.

Elevating the Learning Experience

The new micro frontend architecture empowers MagicBox with a speedy and consistent user interface. Learners can now enjoy uninterrupted learning experiences as the UI is quicker and smoother, providing seamless access to educational resources.

Magic EdTech has introduced a new component library that ensures simplified content discovery as well as uniform and intuitive navigation throughout the student portal. Learners can effortlessly navigate through the platform, enjoying a straightforward and intuitive journey as they engage with interactive learning materials.

Empowering Test-Taking and Anytime, Anywhere Learning

MagicBox’s assessment player has undergone significant upgrades, enhancing question navigation for more effective test-taking. Learners can now navigate questions with ease, allowing them to concentrate on formulating well-crafted responses. They can also seamlessly access learning materials on any device, enabling flexible learning opportunities without disruptions.

“We are thrilled to launch the enhanced MagicBox Student Portal, incorporating user feedback and the latest technological advancements,” said Acky Kamdar, CEO at Magic EdTech. “These updates reflect our commitment to providing a seamless and intuitive learning environment for learners, resulting in improved learning outcomes and wider product adoption.”

Magic EdTech remains committed to accessibility, ensuring that every learner can access and engage with course materials. The transition to the enhanced AI-powered MagicBox Student Portal is also smooth and user-friendly. Users won’t need to re-learn the product, allowing them to seamlessly continue their educational journey while enjoying the superior product experience.

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Magic Software Inc. is a New York-based technology and content services company that has served the education publishing markets for over 30 years. Magic EdTech, a division of Magic Software Inc., focuses on digital learning solutions and technology services to meet the needs of education and corporate businesses. The company has served over 200 clients worldwide and has built long-standing relationships with most of them over the last decade. Magic's experience of delivering learning platforms with analytics to empower learners and educators manifests itself in its cloud-hosted, out-of-the-box SaaS platform, MagicBox, which is currently used by over 7 million learners worldwide.

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