Klett World Languages Partners with Magic EdTech to Enhance Digital Learning Experience for Language Learners

Klett World Languages Partners with Magic EdTech to Enhance Digital Learning Experience for Language Learners

18 July 2023

NEW YORK, July 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Klett World Languages, a leading provider of language learning materials, today announced that it has partnered with Magic EdTech to enhance its digital offerings and deliver high-quality language learning experiences to students in the US. KWL's digital offerings will be powered by Magic EdTech's flagship technology solution, MagicBox, an award-winning SaaS digital learning platform accessed by over 7 million users globally.

As part of this partnership, Magic EdTech will work closely with Klett World Languages to enhance and leverage Magic's flagship platform, MagicBox, which offers an interactive and engaging learning experience. The platform will include a range of features such as multimedia content, adaptive learning tools, and personalized learning pathways that cater to each student's unique learning needs.

This partnership provides a notable advantage, as MagicBox is fully aligned with the digital standards of the US education system. This will ensure that KWL's digital platform meets the rigorous requirements of US districts and educators, providing an effective tool for teaching languages to their students.

“We are excited to partner with Magic EdTech to develop our digital platform,” said Hanne Sinclair, VP of Sales at Klett World Languages. “Our mission is to empower learners to communicate effectively in different languages, and this partnership will allow us to achieve that goal by providing innovative and engaging language learning solutions.”

Magic EdTech brings to the table extensive experience in developing educational technology solutions for K-12 and higher education markets. Their expertise in creating engaging, interactive, and adaptive learning environments will help Klett World Languages create a world-class digital platform that meets the needs of learners at different levels and ages.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Klett World Languages and share our expertise in educational technology to enable effective language learning for students in the US and beyond,” said Dipesh Jain VP – Product Sales at Magic Edtech

The KWL and MagicBox partnership is a significant step forward in the field of language learning, bringing together the expertise of two leading players to create a platform that will inspire and empower students to communicate effectively in different languages.

About Klett World Languages:

Klett World Languages is a company based in Chicago dedicated to developing the highest quality language learning materials in Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese – from textbooks to a broad range of readers, grammar and vocabulary products, exam preparation materials, and digital offerings. Their materials are inclusive, communicative, collaborative, and multi-modal.

They believe that educators play a key role in language learning, and part of their mission is to support them and give them opportunities for professional development. At Klett World Languages, they are driven to change world language education in the U.S. for the better.

About Magic Edtech

Based in New York, Magic EdTech is an educational technology and content services company that delivers digital learning products. Magic brings a deep understanding of serving the education markets – with a mission to deliver digital learning for everyone, which it has been pursuing for over two decades with a team of 1300+ experts. Its flagship platform, MagicBox, is focused on creating and conceptualizing digital learning solutions for K-12 and higher education. The platform is being used by over 7 million students worldwide.