MagicBox Helped a Leading South African Publisher Move to a Secure and Updated Digital Learning Platform --> -->

The Client

The client is a leading educational publisher, with experience of over 100 years in publishing for K-12 and higher education in South Africa. They specialize in developing and delivering high-quality yet affordable educational materials and support for educators and students across Southern Africa.

The Business Need

The client was looking for a means to deliver its educational materials across multiple devices, including iOS, Android and Windows. It was also looking for a platform that would enable compliance with industry standards, such as SCORM and ePub, while allowing multimedia content, such as audio, video, simulations, etc.

Critical Success Factors

  • A discovery phase to understand the features and tools that would best support the client’s publishing and distribution needs.
  • Customizing the platform to serve as a one-stop, complete digital publishing and learning app, with multi-device compatibility.
  • Helping to create a digital library with easy and intuitive search capabilities.
  • Establishing high-end security features for secure access to content for users.

Our Solution

The MagicBox platform was customized to:

  • include a powerful assessment engine that allows K-12 and higher education institutions access to question banks and assessments in mutile formats
  • ease the creation of digital libraries and secure distribution of content
  • include robust DRM and licensing which would help the South African publisher distribute content securely

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