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  • MagicBox™ Gains Recognition from B2B Review Platform

    May 25th, 2020

    CompareCamp industry experts boldly distinguish MagicBox™ the software with its intuitive interface and rising popularity in the market. 

    About MagicBox™

    MagicBox™ is a premier learning software. Its features zone in on mobile interactive learning that can be easily assessed through real-time analytics. It comes with a native mobile app that easily integrates with eBook readers, quizzes, simulations, and games. 

    Great User Experience

    MagicBox™ is recognized for offering great user experience with its tools and features that smoothly allow users to create and distribute content. Its features for convenient file conversion and user-friendly module creation impressed both users and industry experts. Its nifty eReader that can be accessed offline is also highly commendable.

    Growing Popularity in the Market

    MagicBox™ is one of CompareCamp’s breakthrough digital publishing platforms. More users in various industries are discovering and using this software for their business processes. Its tools for advanced analytics made it a notch better compared to other digital publishing software. Users raved at how easy and manageable all its learning tools and functionalities are.

    About CompareCamp

    CompareCamp is a leading authority when it comes to transparent and credible SaaS reviews. Its industry experts provide a neutral and user-focused evaluation of business tools aimed at helping users in making wise investments that are financially sound and highly beneficial. CompareCamp experts zone in on software features, its ease of use, its value for money, and its provision of support. CompareCamp’s users have access to tools that easily allow them to compare different software through clear and quantified terms and factors.

    The full review of MagicBox™ tools and features is accessible at CompareCamp.