Covid-19 makes remote learning via digital content a necessity. Are your prepared? MagicBoxTM can help.
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A Cloud-Based, Digital Publishing & Distribution Platform

MagicBox™ is an end-to-end digital publishing platform and mobile distribution platform that enables publishers, authors and content providers to create, sell, manage and deliver their digital content through custom branded Web & Mobile Apps.

MagicBox™ eases the creation and distribution of digital content for all your publishing needs, while ensuring robust digital rights management and compliance with industry standards.


Convert and enhance content for iOS, Android, Chromebook & Windows devices

  • One-click conversion into ePub3
  • self-learning modules
  • Interactive content


Deliver content to all devices in a secure environment

  • White-labelled platform & apps
  • DRM and License Management
  • Online/Offline eReader


Analyze, Impact & Improve

  • Learning analytics
  • Content usage analytics
  • Digital assessments
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Industries We Serve

MagicBox™ is all you need to ease the custom content creation and distribution, while speeding up the entire process.

Education Publishing

Educational publishers need an intelligent partner to stay a step ahead of the curve.

  • MagicBox™ is a cloud-based, Saas digital publishing platform that offers next generation solutions for content creation and distribution
  • This white-label platform enables publishers to create complete brand experiences of their content through custom branded mobile & web apps.
  • It is compliant with all industry standards, such as LTI, TinCan, SCORM and WCAG.

K-12 School

Ease education delivery and enhance student engagement with MagicBox™.

  • MagicBox™ offers easy integration with the existing school ecosystem and LMSes.
  • All you need is a single platform for personalized, self-directed learning and custom assessments.
  • Sync roster using popular standards, such as OneRoster, Clever, Google Classroom, etc.

Higher Education

Offer students the best chance at success with fully integrated learning experiences.

  • Get support from the experienced MagicBox™ team to build an online university that offers a wide range of eLearning courses
  • Get multi-device and multi-lingual support, while ensuring SCORM compliance.
  • Create a library of content in multiple formats, including eBooks, audio, video, simulations and more.

CTE Publishing

Effortlessly aggregate, create and distribute vocational training and education for career success.

  • In-built semantics ensures easy searching, smooth browsing and seamless discoverability of content.
  • Create and administer assessments in multiple languages to offer students the best chance at success.
  • Manage digital rights and licensing, limit the number of devices that can access content and choose from various subscription models.

Scholarly Publishing

MagicBox™ offers a wide range of scholarly publishing tools for educational institutions, research publishers, non-profits and more.

  • All you need is a single platform for end-to-end scholarly publishing of journals, PDFs, tutorials, question banks and much more.
  • Effortlessly create content of any format with custom branded mobile & web apps that meet your specific branding guidelines.
  • Manage and distribute your content seamlessly for the B2C, B2B and library markets.

Associations & Nonprofits

Aggregate, create and distribute articles, research papers, eBooks, videos, certification content, industry standard and best practices with a single platform.

  • A white-label platform to help you offer a complete brand experience that projects the values and principles of your organization.
  • Maximize the reach of your content by ensuring compatibility across all popular devices, including iOS, Android and Windows.
  • Make the most of powerful analytics to make informed decisions, based on content consumption patterns.

MagicBoxTM LMS Integrations

MagicBox™ LMS integration with Canvas
MagicBox™ LMS integration with moodle
MagicBox™ LMS integration with Blackboard
MagicBox™ LMS integration with Sakai
MagicBox™ LMS integration with Schoology
MagicBox™ LMS integration with D2L
Our Solutions

Save on costs and time-to-market with end-to-end content creation, publishing and distribution solutions via white-label web and mobile apps from MagicBox™.



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