Webinar : Create Personalized Feedback Using Integrated Video Assessments
  • Webinar: Create Personalized Feedback Using Integrated Video Assessments

    June 17th, 2020

    We are happy to announce that we will be holding a joint webinar, in partnership with Bongo, on How to Make Experiential Learning and Personalized Feedback Part of the Online Learning Experience. The webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, June 24, 2020, at 1:00 pm ET.

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    In these times when the world is battling the COVID-19 pandemic, almost every aspect of life has been impacted. Education and corporate training are no different, needing to reinvent themselves to continue to provide effective learning experiences, without the need for either teachers/trainers or learners being physically present.

    Times, They Are A-Changing

    The need of the current times is for efficient ways to provide instruction, engage learners, and assess competency. Many teachers and trainers use web conferencing tools to replicate the classroom experience, but synchronous video interactions aren’t the only way to promote engagement and enhance learning in an online setting.

    There is also a need to enable skill-building through experiential learning and for personalized feedback, despite remote learning. The solution for this has come through EdTech, where MagicBox™ has successfully established a leadership position. To ease the process of delivering effective learning via the MagicBox™ platform, especially during these difficult times, we have partnered with Bongo’s for video assessment solutions for education and corporate training.

    The upcoming webinar is an introduction to our new integrated video assessment solution.

    Why Attend Our Webinar

    A key part of making digital education effective is ensuring that the experience is both personalized and experiential. We invite you to learn more about providing such experiences to learners through its all-new features – integrated video assessments. This webinar will cover key topics, such as:

    • Why asynchronous video assignments should be part of your online offerings 
    • How these exercises create opportunities for practice, demonstration, and feedback 
    • What outcomes you can expect from these video-based assessments 

    Don’t forget to book the time in advance and reserve your spot. Join us on June 24, 2020, Wednesday, at 1:00 pm, ET.  

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    About Our Partnership with Bongo

    MagicBox™ is one of the most established names in the field of digital learning, publishing and distribution. Its contributions to the field of digital learning has also earned the platform the prestigious Gold Honor at the IMS Global Learning Impact Awards 2020

    Bongo offers incredible video assessment tools that can help develop critical thinking, collaboration and communication. 

    On June 24, at 1 pm, ET, MagicBox™, and Bongo will come together to help you gain insights into how to improve the distance learning experiences and shed light on the new integrated video assessment solutions. 

    We look forward to seeing you at the webinar and sharing our knowledge about how to take distance learning to the next level.

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