Webinar: Creating Personalized Learning Experiences with Integrated Video Technology
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Creating Personalized Learning Experiences with Integrated Video Technology

June 24th, 2020

1 pm EST

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Meet our Speakers

Ang'john Ferreri

AVP, Digital Learning
Magic EdTech

Ang’John is AVP for business development, platforms at Magic EdTech. She is passionate about finding
innovative partnerships that support accessible,
sustainable and affordable education, skills training, and personal development learning for all.

Izzy Gamage

Director Of Strategic Partnerships

In his 2 years at Bongo, Izzy Gamage, Director of Strategic Partnerships, has been focused on helping ed tech providers leverage Bongo’s Video Assessment Solution to extend the practice, assessment, and coaching framework of learning platforms and ecosystems across all levels of education – K12, Higher Education, Corporate/Adult learning.

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If you’re looking for a way to enable skill-building opportunities and personalized feedback from a distance, Magic EdTech invites you to learn more about its new integrated video assessment solution.

Our upcoming webinar will cover topics such as:
  • Why asynchronous video assignments should be part of your online offerings
  • How these exercises create opportunities for practice, demonstration, and feedback
  • What outcomes you can expect from these video-based assessments