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Our B2B Publishing Services

Our integrated B2B content distribution platform is the perfect solution for the efficient creation, publishing and delivery of B2B content. MagicBoxTM provides a multi-channel approach for a wide range of content, including marketing, finance, industry-related information and B2B magazines.

detailed analytics for b2b publishers

Stay ahead of the curve with detailed analytics on content consumption and reading patterns on our B2B publishing platform.

create content for b2b business services

Manage all your B2B content creation and publishing needs on a single platform, while ensuring robust digital rights management.

easily discoverable content

In-built semantics eases discoverability, searching and browsing of your content on the MagicBoxTM B2B learning management system.

sell your b2b content with a white label eCommerce store

Optimize content monetization by selling directly on a white-label eCommerce store that is as easy as ABC.

multi-device and OS compatible content for b2b

Benefit from multi-device accessibility and multi-OS compatibility including iOS, Android, Chromebook and Windows for all your B2B publishing needs.

The MagicBoxTM Publishers Business Services

 MagicBox for K-12, higher-ed, scholarly, CTE, associations and more
  • MagicBoxTM helps B2B publishers create digital content through custom-branded web and mobile apps with a smooth, interactive user interface.

  • The highly customizable platform eases operations for B2B publishing companies, right from converting hard copies to IDPF-compliant ePub 3 content to distribution.

  • MagicBoxTM is a cloud-hosted, SaaS-based, end-to-end B2B publishing and next-generation content distribution platform.

  • Our advanced content delivery platform ensures safe and easy data exchange across devices using a standardized protocol.

  • This B2B LMS gives you the ease of converting existing content into IDPF-compliant ePub 3 content and add multimedia elements in just a few clicks.

  • MagicBoxTM helps B2B publishing companies make informed decisions with powerful analytics on user behavior and content consumption patterns.

Benefits of Shifting to MagicBox™

Easily manage infrastructure upgrades and applications with the help of our white-label business-to-business publishing solution. Create, update and distribute your content in just a few clicks. You no longer need to deal with a cumbersome content delivery platform.

Create custom licenses based on users, devices or domains. Maintain control over who can view and share your content, all with the help of advanced encryption algorithms. MagicBoxTM also supports access code-based distribution.

Monetize your content and sell it directly with the help of an integrated, white-label eCommerce store. Enhance revenues by reaching out to a wider audience and offer trusted payment gateways, such as PayPal, SagePay, PayU and Charglogic.

With MagicSyncTM, access mobile and web apps quickly with the help of a standardized protocol that provides single sign-on and seamless access to various formats of content across different devices. The platform is compatible with iOS, Android, Chromebook and Windows.

Get detailed analytics regarding reader behavior, such as the amount spent on different content types and formats. You can also monitor the time spent by the reader on each page. This allows B2B publishers to enhance content usability on their B2B learning management system.

Our content creation and delivery platform is easily configurable and highly customizable. This ensures that the branding guidelines of every B2B publishing company can be easily met.

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