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  • Top Reasons Why Mobile Learning is Trending Right Now

    January 24th, 2021

    Students today, the digital native generation, not only look for education online, they want it on the go too. Everything they seek is already available in the palm of their hand, with their smartphone, so why not learning? Remote learning came into the mainstream with a big bang, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, education is ready to take the next step to give students education whenever and wherever they want it. That is only possible with a robust mobile learning platform

    With mobile phones becoming increasingly smart, and AI and IoT being the order of the day, mobile learning for education is the obvious next step. Not only does this ensure that learners of all ages can access the content they seek on the device of their preference, they get to benefit from robust EdTech tools that enhance learning outcomes too with a cloud-based mobile learning platform. 

    Here’s a look at the key benefits that m-learning has to offer.

    Benefits of Mobile Learning

    • Mobile learning has created immense flexibility for learners, since they are no longer bound by time and place to access learning. They can access content on-the-go, even in the absence of internet connectivity with an offline/online eReader.
    • Lessons imparted through mobiles are usually broken into shorter and simpler parts, to enhance completion rates. Such learning materials, also known as microlearning, have proven to not only be more engaging, but also lead to better learning outcomes.  They help learners retain the vital points and easily revise key concepts.
    • A mobile learning platform also provides opportunities for collaborative learning, which also has proven to lead to better academic performance. Group assignments and assessments, peer-to-peer learning through discussion forums and message boards, all prove to be invaluable tools to engage learners. They help with the exchange of ideas and concepts, thereby making the learning process more effective.
    • Performance in school, college or at the workplace is also likely to get enhanced, thanks to mobile learning. Since this mode of learning is not intrusive and can be accessed at any point of time, based on need, learners get greater opportunities to improve their performance and obtain better results.
    • The learning path for any individual becomes more continuous and personalized with m-learning. This is because learners can pursue any course at their own sweet pace, or stop and resume a course at will, without having to start all over again. Notifications or updates on lessons can also be checked from anywhere and anytime.
    • M-learning also makes education more inclusive, since students from lower income households often do not have easy access to PCs or laptops. However, smartphones are a part of most households.

    Mobile learning provides a diverse and dynamic environment, where progressive thinking, sudden challenges, playful assignments and transparent evaluation come together for a truly unique experience. And, with an award-winning mobile learning platform, like MagicBox™, offering a feature-rich, user-friendly and intuitive learning interface becomes effortless. Contact us to learn more.