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  • Choosing the right partner to develop your mobile learning solution

    January 17th, 2017

    It is no news that the use of smartphones and tablets is on a global increase owing to their convenience and effectiveness in offering information, education and training. Hence, corporate organizations, businesses, educational institutes and many other entities are seeking for the best mobile learning solutions to help their employees or students to acquire an extra edge in knowledge and skill like never before. But how do you zero in on the right partner to develop the mobile learning solutions which are perfect for your objective or goal? Here is a list of what you should keep in mind:

    • Your development partner should first undertake a research to understand the kind of mobile devices mostly used by your learners and what they don’t. Studying usage patterns and technical specifications like processor speed, screen size, and resolution is also crucial.
    • The company developing the mobile learning solution should test if your program is suitable for different operating systems on tablets, iPhones and iPads etc. Variations between interfaces and learning environments should be accounted for.
    • Assess if your partner is creating a solution which promises a great user experience, is engaging, flexible, credible and easily navigable.
    • Make sure that the partner you pick focuses on visuals to make mobile learning courses interesting, engaging and interactive.
    • Go through the products and services offered by your partner to gauge if they suit your present and future needs.
    • Meet with the team that will handle your project and also note the usual turnaround time taken. Make sure that the team has ample experience and knowledge from conceptualization to illustration.
    • Inquire about how much their business has grown and how many long-term customers they have.
    • You can also request for samples which portray innovative learning strategies developed by your partner.
    • Have a detailed discussion about the objectives of the mobile learning solution you want, the challenges involved and how they propose to handle the pain areas.
    • Ask for a specific workflow chart, timeline, how progress should be communicated and the review mechanism.
    • Find out how your partner intends to build the mobile learning solutions – based on tools or learning experience. Ask how they combine old and new approaches.
    • Ask about what they see in the future of m-learning and how they plan to deliver punctually without compromising on quality.
    • Find out if they innovate and what measures they adopt to retain talent.
    • Finally, don’t forget to ask for the rate card and ensure that there are no hidden costs.

    It might interest you to know that companies like Magic Software are well-known for creating customized mobile apps and mobile-friendly content which is informational and engaging. So choose a development partner who understands your needs and visions, and get ready to gift your students or employees a unique learning experience.