MagicBoxTM Announces New Module for Teachers – Teacher’s My Drive

Magicbox new feature

MagicBoxTM proudly announces adding a new feature where teachers can add and organize their contents (notes, topic summary, questions/answers or supplemental materials) and share with their class, group, and students. Teachers can further allocate assignments against these contents through the platform. MagicBoxTM platform is currently being used Read More

Authoring great e-learning assessments

What is the purpose of simply offering an online course, if there is no way to gauge how much of it has been imbibed and retained by students, right? But authoring effective e-learning assessments is an art, as they are devised to not only test the student’s Read More

Top reasons why mobile learning is trending right now!

You probably already know how e-learning is dramatically changing the world of education and making traditional classrooms look passé and ineffective. But did you know that mobile learning is taking e-learning itself to a whole new level of wow? Irrespective of the age of the learner, mobile Read More