It’s got to be MagicBoxTM for the flipped classroom experience!
  • It’s got to be MagicBoxTM for the flipped classroom experience!

    November 24th, 2016

    Do you believe that the way you were taught as a child, should be the way your kids learn today? Or do you think that change is in order, so that young learners can benefit from the true essence of education in a more interesting, convenient and engaging manner? Well, if you are all for change, we have good news for you!
    The conventional classroom model is today seeing dramatic changes, thanks to technology transforming the way education is being delivered. The use of tablets and smartphones by students and the use of online tools by teachers are signs of changing times, but perhaps one of the most interesting developments is the flipped classroom.
    The flipped classroom model effectively employs existing technologies, so that students can learn on their own at home and the teacher can spend more time in class interacting with students. This is usually done using interactive eBooks, Apps, presentations, simulations and videos that students refer to, outside of class.
    Using online tools, teachers assign study material to students before the next class and help them to think more deeply and encourage higher levels of application.This way, learners can learn at their own pace comfortably and as per their individual abilities.
    This much needed 360 degree shift where all the learning happens back at home and the time in class is spent in guidance and personalized interactions between students and teachers, makes the flipped classroom the ideal education system. Flipped teaching actually changes the role of a stereotypical teacher, “from sage on the stage to guide by the side”! It focuses on the learner’s needs and potentialand lets the teacher play a facilitator’s role.

    Why MagicBoxTM?

    Any technology that aids the flipped classroom concept must involve interactive content creation by publishers, teachers and students, introduce effective differentiation in instructional strategies, promote collaboration and communication, and support self-paced, personalized learning seamlessly.

    Here’s where MagicBoxTM, the mobile learning platform from Magic Software steps in. By employing the years of experience of working on the newest trends in education technology, Magic Software launched MagicBoxTM to be a scalable and flexible digital learning platform that actually facilitates the flipped classroom model very efficiently.

    It supports:

    • Learning at any time and from any place, both in online and offline mode. So students don’t have to depend on the internet continuously and can learn at their own pace, without fearing the time limitation in classrooms.
    • A seamless learning experience through rich interactive content similar to a teacher teaching with a wide variety of resources at hand.
    • Multi-format resources that can be housed in products ranging from ebooks, to activities, games, assessments, etc.
    • Personalized teaching wherein the teacher can work out customized lesson plans and assign them to individual students, thereby providing focused teaching based on individual strengths.
    • Monitoring of learning outcomes by teachers in the class/outside the class. The strong analytics measures the students’ performance and helps the teacher focus on those aspects when the student is back in class.
    • The adding of self-evaluated assessments by both teachers and publishers into the content. This enables student to figure outhow much they understand any concept.
    • Interoperability because it complies with all existing standards. MagicBoxTM logs/records every interaction that the student has within the platform. Teachers can easily look at reports for the entire class and find out which student has spent how much time on the assigned work.

    Since MagicBoxTM is constantly being enhanced to make the learning/teaching experience efficient and exciting, it is invaluable to learning under the flipped classroom model.

    So you see how MagicBoxTM facilitates flipped learning where students no longer struggle alone with challenging concepts outside of class; where the learner is given responsibility and ownership of their own learning; where value is added to learning with no down time for students – a step towards more independent and motivated learners. So, for that changed classroom experience, let’s flip it on!