MagicBox™ Partners - Key LMS Integrations
  • MagicBox™ Partners – Key LMS Integrations

    April 9th, 2020

    Although learning management systems ease the process of delivery of learning content, there is much more to selecting an LMS than just that. One of the essential questions to ask when choosing a digital content distribution platform is: how does it integrate with other LMSes? This is because an LMS that works in isolation fails to perform at its full potential.

    MagicBox™ is a powerful learning and publishing platform that is committed to offering comprehensive educational tools that makes the journey much easier and more satisfying, not just for the students, but also publishers and educational institutions. So, whether it is the delivery of interactive and engaging content that can enhance academic outcomes, easing the administration and rostering process for schools or providing key analytics to ensure the most effective content, everything can be done through a single platform.

    This is made possible through strategic partnerships to offer seamless integrations on MagicBox™, such that everything is streamlined onto a single platform, helping improve productivity and save time and costs. This also provides a greater depth of reporting, helping educational institutions and publishers enhance the educational experience.

    Some of the key LMS integrations that the MagicBox™ platform offers are: 

    1. Moodle

    Moodle is an online learning management system that gives teachers power to create an online learning center. Some of the features of Moodle are: 

    Always Updated

    The Moodle software is analyzed and upgraded on a constant basis, to best suit the evolving needs of its large user base. This is made possible with its agile open-source system.

    Collaborative Tools

    Moodle provides a number of tools that support learning and working together, as well as sharing courses.

    Management of User Roles

    The software also helps in addressing security concerns by defining who can access and manage user access.

    Integrated Badges

    Moodle also provides complete compatibility with Mozilla Open Badges. This allows you to motivate learners by rewarding their achievements and participation.

    2. Sakai

    Sakai is a learning management system that offers tools for enhancing online learning, teaching and collaboration. It also has a range of community contributed tools. Some of the features of Sakai are: 

    Collaboration and Contribution

    Sakai has robust group-aware tools and communication options that makes learning and working in a group much easier. 

    Assessment and Grading

    The software also offers state-of-the-art grading and assessment features. It provides options such as rubric-based scoring, grade entry capabilities and high stakes testing.

    Community Based Tools

    You can take advantage of open-source, community-developed tools and even build your own with the help of Sakai.

    3. Schoology

    Schoology is an assessment management and learning management system, designed to improve collaboration and learning in K-12 education. Some of the advantages of Schoology are:

    Instructional Tools

    Schoology provides various course design features that are in-built in the solutions. This helps instructors quickly create assessments. They can also attach a number of materials, such as discussion boards, packets and quizzes. 


    Schoology takes collaboration in learning to the next level. The software includes not just the teachers, but parents as well, with the help of system-wide messaging. It also has a discussion board, where learners can interact with each other.

    4. D2L

    D2L or Desire 2 Learn provides solutions for K-12, higher education and corporate training. Some of its key features are:

    Simplified Administration

    D2L allows you to simplify class administration. It provides you the ability to send announcements, news and updates to learners with the help of emails, homepage widget, calendar, RSS feed, or SMS.

    Custom Look and Feel

    D2L allows content creators and educational institutions to customize the feel of the learning environment to best reflect their brand value. You can customize the theme, navigation and prepare widget-based homepages to greet learners.

    5. Blackboard

    Blackboard is an open source LMS that helps in providing digital learning in schools as well as the corporate environment. Some of the features of Blackboard are: 

    Discussions and Collaboration

    Blackboard offers features that encourage social learning, such as being able to view and engage in discussions from the Activity stream. 

    Targeted Notifications

    Blackboard allows you to send customized notifications to specific schools or users.

    With the help of these integrations, MagicBox™ ensures that the needs of every student, publisher and educational institution are met. So, if you are looking for a platform that will seamlessly integrate with your existing legacy systems, contact us today.