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  • Business Benefits of Shifting to ePub3

    May 21st, 2018

    ePub3 or alternatively electronic publication is increasingly becoming popular in Corporate learning environment.

    Imagine a situation where you have attended a corporate training course and have been asked to work on the job a little while later. When you try to recall your training material , you do not seem to remember most of the content; here comes the need of performance support.

    ePub3 contributes to a wide adoption by its ability to enable Just in time performance support. The corporate learning aim is to help an employee perform his or her job optimally by providing access to tips, tricks, solutions, and hacks just when he or she needs them, which is at the workplace and right at the point of action.

    Here are few key other areas where ePub as an open content format offers:

    Bite-sized content delivery

    ePub3’s inherent capability of delivering bite-sized and focused learning modules can instill confidence in learners; they are more motivated when they know that they are not staring at an hour-long content and can go back to whatever they were doing after finishing the module.

    Better readability across devices

    ePub3 also offers dynamic layout and rendition, often termed as responsive design. Due to this support, its easy to provide better readability control to the users.

    Increased Readership

    An ePub3 compatible eReader can offer Increased readership, response and retention. It can enable users to add comments, notes and enhanced color coded highlights to act as a reference for future. ePub content can be configured with Caliper Analytics to collect the learning to better understand and visualize user learning activity. Often this data can help draw meaningful conclusions.

    Accessible Reading for all

    From an accessibility standpoint or simply and audiobook option, ePub offers a complete range of systematic and semantic ways to enable learning for all. The content can be tagged with variety of components – informational, interactions, assessments. The content can also be presented in one or more languages. Images and tables can be tagged with captions. Videos can have added audio descriptions and Read-along can be added at every page.

    At Magic, we help our Corporate learning clients in design and delivery of learning content especially in ePub3 format. Our workflows are devised to onboard any existing content or a New content design.

    We approach the ePub design and delivery with a philosophy of openness, sharing our process, technological innovations with others.

    Our Smartpage solution offers automated conversion of documents into multiple format. Smartpage also provide a robust workflow for conversion of static PDF to IDPF compliant fixed-layout ePub3. The solution is SAAS based offering and can be integrated in any existing learning technology platform. The outcome ePub can be viewed on leading eReaders like Readium, iBooks, Adobe Digital Editions, Google PlayBook, Kindle and others.

    Our MagicBoxTM learning-solution enables a cloud/offline access to ePub content on user devices. Currently 2M users subscribe to learning resources on varying devices. MagicBoxTM enables content access on all leading browsers and tables and offers complete control to the companies to ensure who access what.

    Our Learning Framework Toolkit enables production of easy gadgets that can be launched from the ePub as embedded/Linked experiences.

    Today our solutions are being leveraged by more than 20 customers. We are integrated with a lot many partner organization to provide a full service capability on ePub.

    Magic leverages Readspeaker as a solution to enable Digital Audio access for ePub. Our ePub can even be integrated with learning interactions produced through industry leading authoring tools like Adapt, Evolve, Inkling and Chaucer.

    If you are planning to put a Corporate Digital Strategy, Magic can extend all our solutions and be a Digital content design and delivery partner by offering our professional services.

    Find out more about how our solutions can help you leverage content to gain maximum benefit. Call us now!