• MagicBox’s Goal is Happy Customers, Every Time!

    September 6th, 2018

    According to the Marketing Agency Growth Report 2018, 15% of businesses do not customize their service offering and fail to deliver services on time. While acquiring new clients is always hard for almost 60% of the companies, 16% of these businesses face client retention problems as well. While the sales staff for about 79% of companies feel confident about closing new deals and clients, an alarming 23% of them fail to meet client expectations!

    While the above numbers are not specific to SaaS-based companies, they are still very relevant. For SaaS-based solutions, onboarding a customer is of paramount importance. On-boarding process documents are vital to avoid multiple rounds of communications with the customer. Once the customer is on-boarded, the primary focus shifts towards delivering these services to the customers. MagicBox has a MagicBox Professional Services (MBPS) team that looks after the queries/issues reported by the customers.

    Tier Support

    Tier 1 Support

    MBPS team provides Tier 1 support to the end users (Students, Teachers, School Admins, District Admin) to resolve their issues/queries within the defined SLA by communicating directly with the team member.

    The support tool is integrated with all the apps (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows) through which users can directly log the ticket to the support portal by simply visiting the Help link from the app. This integration allows the user to chat with the member of the MBPS team to get the responses in real time.

    This support tool allows for the (MBPS) team to eliminate the process of asking a user for their device information, preventing a time-consuming and frustratingly ambiguous situation from occurring.

    The integration of the support tool is helpful to get the meta information about the device as the app captures all the relevant information except the password that helps the dev team to debug and fix the issue in a short span of time. The meta information contains OS version, username, device name, device type, etc.

    In tier 1 support, the support team generally handles the troubleshooting and customer queries by communicating directly with the end user.

    Process Followed by MBPS team for Tier 1 Queries:

    The team follows a structured process to handle all Tier 1 queries.

    Process followed by MBPS (Support team) for Tier 1 support

    MBPS Tier 1

    Tier 2 Support

    MBPS provides Tier 2 support for MagicBox customers that encompasses:

    • Customer queries
    • Configuration queries
    • Troubleshooting
    • Software installations issues, etc.

    The Tier 2 support team handles issues escalated by the Tier 1 support team. The Tier 2 support team triages the tickets with the focus to resolve as many tickets within the SLA.

    Tier 2 Support Process Followed by MBPS team:

    The team follows a structural process to enable the expert customer service as outlined below.

    Process followed by MBPS (Support team) for Tier 2 support

    MBPS Tier 2

    The MBPS Edge

    We understand the importance of quality customer service and know that it is entirely dependent on how we deliver our services.

    Here are some factors that help MBPS excel over the competition and deliver excellent customer service.

    Know Your Customers

    Great interactions begin when you fully understand and know your customer and their needs. The MBPS team make sure to connect with customers and remember their names and previous conversations. If needed, the team makes notes from earlier discussions which can be referred to for future meetings/communications.

    The MBPS team connects with customers on biweekly calls and get a deeper understanding of the project, the requirements, how they are planning to use our product, and understanding the customer’s preferences. Accordingly, we establish a product roadmap which helps customers to achieve their goals with our help.

    Response Time

    One of the most significant factors in providing excellent customer service is addressing customer queries promptly, especially time-sensitive issues. The MBPS team always acknowledges customer requests as quickly as possible and provides timely support for their customers.

    Fixing Mistakes

    Transparency is vital in business and customer service is no different. The MBPS team strives for high-quality output as it shows we maintain a high level of standards. We believe in taking responsibility and revisiting our responses to prevent the wrong information from being passed on to the customer.

    Be the expert

    It is necessary to make the troubleshooting process as efficient as possible to maximize MGPS’ availability. We have documentation and tools in place to deliver this expert service to our customer, and it is always a good feeling to hear a customer’s appreciation.

    Apart from handling the Tier 1 & 2 support tickets, the MBPS team handles additional tasks as listed below.

    • Customer onboarding
    • Process & Product documentation
    • Publishing weekly & monthly statistics of MagicBox usage
    • Client-related tasks
    • Functional testing on client’s Platform & Apps

    For further queries, you may reach out to our team here.