• Learning Experience Platform can Enable Stronger Learning. Discover the MagicBoxTM Advantage

    August 29th, 2018

    You run a successful company, but something feels off. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you wonder if it has something to do with your training strategy or lack thereof. It feels like you are wildly pitching learning resources and training at your staff, and sometimes it connects, and sometimes it fails.

    What do you need to do to train your staff more efficiently?

    Consider using a Learning Experience Platform (LXP) to provide corporate training in a deliberate and strategic form.

    Instead of recreating the wheel and developing your own learning strategy for your corporation, consider partnering with an organization that specializes in delivering corporate learning. Collaborating with MagicBoxTM will provide a distinct advantage for your corporate learning through 5 key attributes. These 5 features are able to create a strong learning strategy and develop stronger employees that are equipped and enabled in their workplace.

    Come and discover the MagicBoxTM advantage in your corporate learning strategy.

    1. Performance Support Tools

    Your team members are a vital part of your company’s success. As a result, they need to be supported in their everyday work so they can succeed in their job. An LXP provides performance support tools through 4 streams, microlearning, training reinforcement, mobile access and offline access.

    a. Microlearning

    An employee is working through a client’s file when they encounter a new scenario and are unsure of how to proceed. They have two options here. One they could shelve the project until they can register for and attend a one-day seminar that includes this issue as one of its breakouts. Or two, they could log into the corporate LXP and pull up the appropriate module. With the training broken down into a short video (2-5 minutes long) and a short walk through some gamified content, they are able to quickly complete the training and return to their client’s file, equipped and ready to process it correctly.

    b. Training Reinforcement Tools

    If you have studied learning and educational theories, you have encountered Hermann Ebbinghaus’s Forgetting Curve which demonstrates the rapid loss of information over a period of time when the information is not regularly reinforced. Training reinforcement tools directly combat this forgetting curve, by periodically reintroducing learned content through an LMS. When individuals are able to quickly see and interact with material that they had previously studied on a continual basis they are able to move the content from short-term to long-term memory, improving their performance in the workplace.

    c. Mobile Access

    The ability to quickly access learning material while on the go will encourage staff members to continue their corporate education on a frequent basis. With a mobile-based learning platform, employees are able to take personal initiative in their learning, by accessing their learning content when they have a few minutes available throughout their day.

    d. Offline Access

    Offering a mobile-based platform for your employees is a great idea but won’t it be more powerful if they can use the learning platform when they are on a flight or riding the subway? MagicBoxTM’s online/offline e-reader allows staff to access their learning content regardless of their internet connection, ensuring that your LMS can operate while offline.

    2. Video Support and Management Tools

    Consider the widespread reach of YouTube, with over 1 billion hours of video watched on YouTube every single day. Millenials love videos, and as a result, video support must be an integral part of your learning strategy. When you facilitate educational videos in your LMS, you are speaking the native language of millennial employees and will better support them in their learning and development.

    3. Learning Ecosystem

    Corporate training is no longer an activity that happens in isolation. A strong learning strategy includes other learning apps and resources as part of their learning ecosystem. MagicBoxTM allows you to easily pull information from the web in your training course and leverage knowledge freely available on the internet

    MagicBoxTM is able to create & distribute rich interactive eBooks and courses through the cloud that can be accessed from a variety of educational platforms within the learning ecosystem.

    4. Whitelabeled platforms for use within an LMS

    Your company might already be using an LMS, if not you might be thinking about building or licensing one. You don’t need to add another dimension to your work by developing your own learning platform or replacing an existing LMS. MagicBoxTM is a white-label platform provider for corporate learning experience management. A partnership with MagicBoxTM’s allows you to excel in your area of expertise, while MagicBoxTM provides the excellent platform you need to resource and equip your staff in their corporate learning.

    5. Assessment-Based Skill Development

    Your staff is now being presented with engaging and dynamic material, but the crux remains the same. “Do they understand the material well?” This query can be answered through assessment-based skill development. MagicBoxTM’s advantage is seen in their assessment engine that can create adaptive assessments and then analyze the information retrieved from these assessments. This feature allows you as the facilitator in your corporate learning strategy to assess the level of skill that your team members have developed and will enable you to proceed appropriately.

    A learning experience platform can enable your corporate learning strategy to blossom and develop. MagicBoxTM presents a unique advantage for your corporation as it takes the heavy lifting out of your corporate learning, and enables you and your corporation to succeed! Are you ready to discuss with MagicBoxTM how we can help strengthen your c