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  • Interactive Ebooks – Engaging Readers with Better Learning Experiences

    December 5th, 2018

    Even as the debate in favor of digital content continues, e-books are becoming an integral part of contemporary education efforts. Given this scenario, publishersare designing various online-platforms to meet the rising demands of digital learning.So, how are eBooks creating a more holistic and engaging reading and learning experiences? Is this even working? Are eBooks impacting learning outcomes at all or these are just another digital distraction?
    While the opinion on these questions might be divided, there is no denying that eBooks in particular and digital education are here to stay and the popularity is only increasing.
    Why eBooks?

    Digital learning via interactive eBooks is designed to cater to audiences that are becoming tech-savvy by the hour. Here’s why:

    • Students, especially those who are currently studying in K12, were born after the iPhone was launched. One can easily call these students digital natives or born with the knowledge of touch interface. They have grown up watching nursery rhymes on YouTube. eBooks today comprise sharable and easily portable videos,book widgets games, quizzes, text, animations, audio files, etc. This digital media and interactivity make interactive eBooks more natural for these students.
    • Better functionality and portability of eBooks, in comparison to the traditionally published material,cannot be denied. The published content can be understood easily because of its interactive nature and reach-ability.

    Standards-driven platforms like MagicBoxTM use IDPF compliant ePUB3 format for interactive eBooks.Content providers leverage MagicBoxTM to build engaging, intuitive and user-friendly learning solutions. There are numerous examples of eBooks pertaining to Science, Social Science, Math Virtual Labs and Language interactives that are being purchased by educational institutions for providing serious and fun-filled learning methods alike.

    Advantages of eBooks over Books

    1. InBuilt tools

    Integrated tools in the eReader bring eBooks to life. Some of the exciting features and tools of the eReader include Highlighting of text, adding Notes, Search for any phrase or word, Share, Read Aloud, Draw, etc.Readers find it easier to access the content with regards to any theory, a topic of learning or research area in eBooks than in case of traditional books.

    2. Teachers can create and share more content

    Apart from using the content provided by the education publishers,Platforms like MagicBoxTMallows teachers to share their content with the students using the same platform. This makes K12
    learning experience platforms like MagicBoxTM a single place where all the content resides.

    3. Countless books on a single device

    eBook readers can replace multiple textbooks just by downloading one app. The app helps in the storage of numerous books on only one device. The content is accessible via an easily-navigable and organized interface.

    4. Shareable digital content

    Lecturers/teachers can access the same material as students from different devices, use them for setting lessons plans or reviewing assessment grades. Digital content is shareable on interactive whiteboards or projectors for technology-enabled learning.

    5. Easy to update training material

    Learning needs are continually evolving which requires an agile system for content updates as well. Digital training material can be updated quickly and uploaded online. On the contrary, updating printed books have high costs associated with them because of the re-printing costs involved.

    6. Leverage external resources and OERs

    Printed books are static, and they are unable to leverage any external resources. eBooks, on the other hand, can include multimedia content, links to websites and the relevant educational content to make overall learning experiences more affordable, productive and engaging – both in the short and long term alike.

    7. Easy accessibility by trainers, teachers, and academicians

    Search keywords, specific phrases, and other accessibility tools can help readers and users gain more benefits from digital content. Trainers and teachers find it easy to jump to any given location by just typing a keyword or page number. This quick accessibility feature makes eBooks a coveted option for many. Education technology has also been a great enabler because it is a great way to provide access to the differently abled students. Digital content can be made accessible for differently abled students, which is difficult to produce with printed material.

    Invest in your digital transformation with MagicBoxTM!

    With digital books, teachers and students get to read and study at their own pace and place. They have become a helpful and utility-oriented tool in the hands of academicians, researchers, and students. The benefits of using eBooks rather than the traditional books are far too many to ignore. Invest in your own success with MagicBoxTM ebook distribution platform! Let’s discuss a business solution for you!